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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Death Threats Against Romney Expolode on Twitter

Read these to get an idea of who Obama's supporters are. Wow! This is the civility he brought to government? I have never heard a conservative talk about assassinating liberals!

And then there are the Philly shenanigans where court-appointed GOP inspectors were kicked out of polling places.


Anonymous said...

Except for maybe this guy: (I found a link from Fox news so you know it is true)

And let's not forget Ann Coulter, one of the most hateful, reactionary members of the press ever. Retard? Really?!

Anonymous said...

yes, and the Secret Service says that threats made against the life of President Obama are ten times greater than those against any earlier President. I guess those liberals will eat their own young

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Is that surprising?

When you destroy the moral values that keep people's baser natures in check, you can expect to be hoisted on your own petard.

As for "eating your own young," Obama has already made it clear he would kill his own grandchildren to keep from "punishing" his girls with a baby. Liberals do "eat their young." So do the Rockefeller-style Republicans who will also happily kill off granny.