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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Will Congress Vote to Read Your E-Mails without a Warrant?


Now what would you say if the FBI came to your door and demanded all your correspondence? Wouldn't you ask for a search warrant? Well, in the computer age much of our correspondence is by e-mail. Should police now be allowed to just spy on people violating their rights under the constitution against unreasonable search and seizure? Oh, I know, they always frame it as a security issue, but it that's the case, they could get a warrant without much trouble.

This is why the dumbing down of the populace is so important to tyrants. Many people will say, "I have nothing to hide" and roll over. I have nothing to hide either -- yet. But there may come a day when I do. In Nazi Germany they confiscated radios. Only people who hid them had access to news other than Nazi propaganda. Tyrannies always take guns. An armed people are a threat to their power. Are people so convinced that the Nanny State loves them like Mama that they will turn over all their rights with their left hands while they take all the goodies with the right?

 The Senate bill started out to protect private e-mails and other internet documents, but is quickly morphing into a bill that allows 22 (yes, you read that right) federal agencies to look at your e-mails, Facebook account, and other digital materials. Read more here and start paying attention to your rights. We've lost too many already!

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