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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When Will Our Shepherds Enforce Canon 915...

...against pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians, refusing them sacrilegious reception of the Body and Blood of Christ? I fear Fr. Tom is right in his assessment of the situation of the Church in the United States. How many of our shepherds will do everything to escape persecution and keep government money rolling in?

Note John 3:19-21 and 12:37-43.

With a majority of our electorate and Catholics, by their lifestyles, votes and apathy, embracing a leader who has openly proclaimed the dominion of:

revenge over love,
resentment over resilience,
obfuscation over honesty,
parasitism over patriotism,
slander over respect,
power over human rights,
perversion over integrity, and
death over "inconvenient" life,
we are now going to be granted the "privilege" of  witnessing a tragic acceleration of the degradation of our morals and of the spirituality of the Catholic Church in America. There are going to be some interesting job opportunities at the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) for theologians, who can develop a way to accommodate the HHS abortion mandate. After all, with a tsunami of progressive judges being appointed and firmly ensconced by the President and the Senate, any legislative efforts to protect conscience rights will be aborted by labeling them to be pathological obsessive-compulsive disorder. And it makes sense, since Church praxis in America over the past fifty years has been to ratify the legitimacy of the sin-seared consciences of those who affirm that the Eucharistic Christ Himself endorses their efforts to promote the brutal butchery of "inconvenient" pre-born children.
God save us!

In Christ,

Fr. Tom

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