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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Navy Vet, Father of a Navy Pilot and State Police Officer Explains Why He Supports Trump

An email friend of mine was pretty angry at Cruz for not endorsing Trump last night. He called Cruz a con man. I didn't feel the same way and sent him an email disagreeing saying Trump was a con man too and made me think of P.T. Barnum to which he sent a passionate response. I thought it was an opinion worth posting. I respect him and his opinions. He has sons on the front lines both foreign and domestic. So whether you agree or disagree, I think you can understand his passion. His email reminded me of Pat Smith's heartfelt speech at the GOP convention asking Hillary why her son died at Benghazi. Watch that and then read Gary's email. And may God save America!

Now here's my friend Gary's email:
I have sons in the Navy and the State Police. I want them to have a fighting chance at living as well as SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the U.S.) to be saved. 
There's NOTHING to laugh about here, Mary Ann. What you find to be P.T. Barnum, I find to be someone helping my sons' Services, and so does every other member of the Military on active duty, reserve, or vet, along with policemen across the country that I and my son know to especially include a Dallas Policeman whose best friend was killed in Dallas, a man who my son went to State College HS with and was on the soccer team with. Now his friends family has an empty chair at the table. There's nothing FUNNY about this! 
There is one cold hard truth that we must not forget. 
How in the heck is Cruz who couldn't even win the South with its Evangelical vote that Cruz told us was a lock losing every state going to have a prayer beating anyone? Easy answer - NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! 
Our country cannot handle another four years of Marxist Socialism under the traitor Hillary or any clone, PERIOD. It will be buried. This election coming up is for our national security which, right now, we don't have with the sorry state of our Military being unilaterally disarmed both materially and morally, our Police subject to attacks by anarchists encouraged by a despotic racist government, and our Vets being treated worse than illegals welcomed into a country with no borders which is a death wish for its survival. 
Unless we stop the above hemorrhaging of our national security, there won't be anything else to talk about. 
Accordingly, I, as a Vietnam War Navy Vet, who lived through the waste of good lives, who has a Navy Officer son, and a State Police son, will be supporting Donald Trump without equivocation. I do that for them, for their Services, for my family, and the survival of what's left of my country that is becoming increasingly unrecognizable as American. 
This is not about politics for me, read political games. It's about the life and death of my sons, the life and death of my country. 
My wife and I like other parents right now have a lot to worry about concerning their family members in the Armed Forces and our Police in regard to what's at stake in this election. 
I just asked my State Trooper son to text me that he's OK when he gets off duty. I've told my Navy son to be aware of his surroundings and always on the alert as to threats. We keep in touch with these young men as best we can because of their professions being at higher risk. But I'll tell you what, there is NO SAFE PLACE in Obama's Amerika now for any of us by that diabolic bastard's own choice in promoting the anarchy that tyrants need to survive which is why, with the help of God, we must stop him in his tracks by direct disobedience to every Godless morally bankrupt dictate that comes from his serial sociopathic free America hating race-baiting mouth! 
In short, we're all on the front lines now, not just our Military and our Police! 
My wife and I are sick of what's happening to my and her adopted country. This is not the America of our founding fathers but an Amerika of anarchy encouraged by despots and their Uniparty enablers that has to be overthrown in the coming election with all the support that can be mustered toward that end. 
For this reason, I don't have time for the hysteria regarding a perceived shunning of Sarah Palin, however it may appear, because none of us know the facts. There are much bigger problems that are getting my attention and should be getting the attention of everyone still clinging to a hope that we can salvage the America under God intended by the founding fathers. 
I believed Trump when he said he cared for our Military and Our Police. I believed him when he said he cared for the national security of our country under its greatest attack since the Revolution and that HE would do something about it. I've seen nothing to date that he won't with the understanding that without our national security, there won't be anything else to talk about, PERIOD! 
And that national security starts by reversing Obama's legacy below in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. 
Here is Obama’s legacy:
1. Our military has been turned into lab rats for morally bankrupt social engineering experiments with the freedom of religion rights of the Chaplain Corps and all whom they serve trashed.

2. The persecution of people of faith who refuse to subsidize Obama’s unconstitutional dictates.

3. Unsustainable out-of-control debt and unfunded entitlements.

4. Record increases for those on food stamps and those who have stopped looking for work in the millions.

5. The destruction of our energy industry along with the millions of jobs that it supports due to the lies of the Gore Green Goblins debunked by real — as opposed to junk — science.

6. Race-baiting by turning the country against those in law enforcement who are trying to protect us in doing a thankless job with the resulting chaos that despots need for their political survival.

7. Promoting a farce of an Arab Spring that encouraged the takeover of the Middle East by radical jihadis that our military has been fighting and dying to protect us from since 9/11, resulting in the persecution of all those who won’t kowtow to a “Shariah law or death” mentality with Christians seeing the burning of their churches and congregations.

8. Refusing to destroy ISIS on the ground out in the open per the reports of our pilots who were never given the order to fire, leaving a trail of the heads and brutal mutilation of innocents in its wake.

9. Encouraging an unsustainable open borders policy which is a death wish for a country's survival in that one man's refugee is another man's terrorist!

Some legacy!
I'll tell you what, Mary Ann, my wife Margaret and I are really concerned for all of our family, especially our sons in the military and the police. I'm saying multiple rosaries a day for them and for our Church and our Country given, like you rightfully say, the mess we're in.

Just have to trust in God through the intercession of Holy Mary, Saint Joseph, and all of the Archangels, Angels and Saints to get us through these tough times which all people of faith have done throughout recorded history.

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  1. Frederic Bastiat wrote in 1850, "It is not because men have made laws, that personality, liberty, and property exist. On the contrary, it is because personality, liberty, and property exist beforehand, that men make laws. What then, is law? As I have said elsewhere, it is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. the force of an individual cannot lawfully touch the person, the liberty, or the property of another individual--for the same reason, the common force cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, the liberty, or the property of individuals or of classes."

    Socialist see otherwise. All Democrats are socialists. The only chance we have to preserve what is naturally ours from God is to defeat them in every election from now until we die at every level in every sphere and around the world, even when the Republican party is led by a less than perfect individual. In a two party system like ours it is our only chance to oppose what is truly evil.