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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Terrorist Vermin - Everything to do with Islam

Brodie Copeland, viciously murdered
in Nice by Islamic terrorist vermin
"Listen to me, listen," as Oriana Fallaci used to say. How many more innocents will lose their lives to evil Islamic horror before Europe awakens? It was always thus with Islam. Stop living in your mind where nothing is real but only something made up such as Islam is a religion of peace. "Immigrants" invading Europe are not immigrants at all but Islamic militants spreading the way to a European Caliphate. Listen to me.

Listen, dear big mouths of the left. In 635 AD, three years after Mohammed’s death, the armies of Islam invaded Christian Syria and Christian Palestine. In 638 they took Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher. In 640 they conquered Persia and Armenia and Mesopotamia (Iraq), Christian Egypt and the Christian Maghreb (the present Tunisia and Algeria and Morocco). In 668 they attacked Constantinople. In 711 after crossing the Straits of Gibraltar they landed in the most Catholic Iberian peninsula, took possession of Portugal and Spain where they remained for eight centuries until Queen Isabella drove them out.

From Spain in 721 AD they passed into Catholic France to Narbonne to Carcassonne to Nimes to Lyons to Dijon where they murdered, crucified, pillaged, raped, beheaded, massacred and/or enslaved entire Christian populations. From Bordeaux to Poitiers to Tours where Charles Martel stopped them

In 827 they landed in Sicily, in 836 Brindisi in Italy. In 840 Bari and Puglia. In 841 Ancona. In 846 Ostia and Rome and Campania to Montecassino and Salerno where they sacrificed a nun’s virginity every night on the cathedral’s altar. In 898 Provence, 911 Turin and Casale then Switzerland. In 940 Toulon which sits on the seacoast midway between the highly Islamicized Marseille, the most dangerous city in Europe, and Nice. 

Shall I go on with this history lesson? This mortal sin of non-Politically Correct truth? Islam was from the beginning an evil murderous religion founded by Satan through Mohammed READ HERE. It has never changed. It remains precisely what Satan conceived in his evil mind to unseat God, thus gaining "the whole world."

Muslim terrorist attacks are all about Islam. They are the core of Islam. The very center and origin of Islam. I repeat, the core, the center, the origin. Islamic terrorism is all about Islam, growing forth, sprouting from the seed of filth and evil that is Satan. So, politically correct hypocrites, refrain from your tripe of telling me that the Crusades were an injustice committed against poor innocent Muslims. Refrain from telling me that the sons of Allah are pleasant tolerant coworkers of peace.

Refrain from telling me that the continual, that is continual from 635 to 2016, murderous rampages upon innocent Christians by the sons and daughters of Allah has nothing to do with Islam. 


  1. THANK YOU Mary Ann!!!!.....BRILLIANTLY and truthfully stated!

  2. Thank my colleague, Susan Matthiesen, who has done tremendous research on Islam. Her articles are a great addition to the blog!