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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Remember "It's the Economy, Stupid?"

That was James Carville's strategy motto for Bill Clinton. Now after eight years of big spender Bill Clinton, new-world-order George W. Bush, and eight years of community organizer Barack Obama we are in a disastrous situation economically. And just wait until Obamacare is fully implemented! Please don't tell me how fiscally responsible Bill Clinton was and how he brought down the deficit. The National Debt increased every year under Clinton. It's all a question of "voodoo bookkeeping" and the Democrats are experts at it.

Hillary is a disaster for the working man. I have several college graduate nephews driving trucks because they couldn't get professional jobs in line with their education. We have sent millions of jobs out of the country. Big container ships arrive from China filled with junk and return empty. More and more we produce almost nothing. What happened to the greatest manufacturing nation in the world? It was killed by disastrous trade agreements that favor foreign nations and put American workers last. Illegals pour over our borders and greedy employers hire them illegally for slave wages undercutting legitimate employers who won't play their game. Our economy has been destroyed by Democrats and RINO Republicans like the Bush Dynasty. NAFTA, signed by Bill Clinton in 1993, was a disaster. In its first three years (1994-97) NAFTA eliminated almost 400,000 U.S. jobs.  George Bush exacerbated the problem with his WTO policies. Liberals and globalists line up together on the economy. They couldn't care less about American workers.

For thirty years Donald Trump has been saying the same things about our disastrous economic and foreign policy decisions that hammer American workers. He recognizes that our destabilization of the Middle East was disastrous. The video below puts to the lie all the statements about Trump's incompetence and his stupidity.

There are plenty of reasons Trump wasn't my first choice for president. But I'm sick of lawyer-politicians and welcome a man who appears to have some business sense and will help families by developing policies that put America first.

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