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Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Ecuador is a country which defends the right to life." - Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador
Rafael Correa, Roman Catholic President of the Republic of Ecuador, could teach Obama and Hillary how to have God's blessing bestowed upon on a country. Here are a few of Correa's statements:

“Anything that challenges life from the moment of conception is quite simply, treason​.​”​

Speaking of the pressure coming from the UN groups, Correa said: “They can do whatever they want. I will never approve the decriminalization of abortion.”

“Whenever we’ve consulted the citizens regarding abortion, the immense majority rejects prenatal euthanasia."

"Ecuador is a country which defends the right to life."

Correa recently let loose a tirade to squelch any talk of reform on abortion. “Let them say what they want, but I will never legalize abortion,” he thundered, accusing women legislators of his PAÍS Alliance of “disloyalty” and “treason” for proposing to permit abortion in cases of rape. If they persisted, he threatened to resign as president, and even after they backed down, the authoritarian leader who describes himself as a “humanist, Catholic and leftist” demanded that the deputies be sanctioned and possibly thrown out of office.

Along with feministas he must have problems with the media: 

"A daily newspaper should report the news, not play at geopolitics."

"They have been talking about a dictatorship and they were right because there's a dictatorship and there's a government that has been fighting that dictatorship - the dictatorship of the media."

Who would you choose to listen to? To believe? To follow?
Famous Ecuadorian Feministas frothing at the mouth for abortion
(This is the most decent photo I could find.
The others were far too lewd and filthy.)
Rafael Correa
How could there be any doubt? The countenance alone gives the answer. Let's pray for him that he remains strong against the evil of abortion.

Below is one last picture. I took this photo myself of Ecuador's tourism motto written in stone at the top of a mountain. It says: "Ecuador Loves Life". Of course it means the ecological life of the country as a reminder for citizens to take care of their resources, but also it's a reflection of the country's pro-life stance. At least I like to think so, because without children, a country has no life.
"Ecuador Loves Life"


  1. Makes me want to move to Ecuador and escape the increasing virulent culture of death here i the United States. It's good to know there is one Catholic country standing up to the diabolical disorientation of our age.

  2. One thing can be noted.

    Climate promises to be hit, since Ecuador is Spanish for Equator.