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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tim Kaine: Faux Catholic and Hypocrite Extraordinaire

Thumbs up for killing the little buggers in the womb.
Tim Kaine and his wife attend a parish in Richmond that is in a poor, black neighborhood, St. Elizabeth's. His pastor, Fr. James Arsenault, described him recently in an interview on the liberal NPR (National Public Radio) program, All Things Considered, as a "devout Catholic."

Really? Is he kidding?

Bishop Tobin of Providence publicly disagreed. Not only is Kaine a supporter of Roe v. Wade which allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, but he co-sponsored a bill that would overturn state abortion laws all over the country. He has a 100% pro-abortion record in the Senate. And he favors "gay marriage," another clear violation of Catholic doctrine. Obviously, this "devout Catholic" doesn't let his beliefs affect his politics. But, then, you can't be a Democrat unless you toe the party line which includes advocating abortion on demand without apology and promoting the LGBTQXYZ agenda.

Despite Kaine being a clear and obvious public scandal who, under Canon Law, should be denied Communion , his pastor says he has all the big stuff right. We learn he has a great tenor voice. What an addition to the choir! Oh...and he favors banning the death penalty...except for innocent babies, of course. No mercy for them. And, let's see, he wants women to get equal pay for equal work, but nary a word does he have to say about the tragic situation of women coerced into abortion which affects a large percentage of those "choosing" it.

Like all lying Democrats, Tim Kaine claims to be "personally opposed to abortion," but Planned Parenthood  loves him and touts his 100% pro-abort voting record as a Senator.

There is something particularly evil and hypocritical about a man saying abortion is so horrible that he is personally opposed to it, but then turns around and supports legislation to kill the little buggers anyway.

In view of Kaine's membership in a black parish, it is relevant to point out that abortion targets the black community - no surprise considering Margaret Sanger's bigotry. She got black ministers involved in pushing abortion to avoid being exposed as the eugenic elitist she was. Consider that black women of childbearing age have about 36% of the abortions in the U.S. despite blacks representing only about 13% of the population. Abortion is black genocide and Tim Kaine has blood on his hands as much as the Democratic-founded KKK did. His support for abortion puts him squarely in the company of the Klan with his hands on the rope. The killings he advocates may be done with a stainless steel currette instead of a noose, but the black victims are just as dead.

Considering Kaine's Jesuit education, one can presume he knows what the Church teaches and chooses, not only to ignore it, but to advocate opposing moral evils straight from hell. Evils so serious they are among those that "cry to heaven for vengeance." Selling your soul for political gain is a bad deal. Pray for him.

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Al Henneberry said...

Beware of wolves in Catholic clothing.