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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hodge-Podge of Habitless Hussies on the Bus

Sister Cardinal Simone Campbell
(It's all about subliminal messages.)

Habitless Hussies on the Bus (HHOTB) is the result of raising awareness of love outpouring from the masses for concern for the poor. It’s not true that the Hussies on the Bus do not wear habits. Sr Simone Campbell has many in her closet. Here she is in her red one.

From July 11th to July 29th, Sr Simone and the Nuns on the Bus (NOTB) will make another political tour “daring to call on elected officials and candidates to Mend the Gaps in income and wealth inequality in our nation.Their goal is to “bring a politics of inclusion to divided places, change the conversation to mending the vast economic and social divides in our country, and counter political incivility with our message of inclusion.”

The nuns will bring the bus to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions where “they will educate people on the gaps that we are experiencing in our society and NETWORK’s proactive policy strategy that can bridge those divides.

However...the Catholic Church is not a political party. It is the defender of the moral law, upholding the moral teachings which Christ has entrusted to His Church for safekeeping through the Pope and the Magisterium.

Roadmap to Caesar's negotiable things
Sr Simone and the Nuns on the Bus uphold their own teaching. They teach that Mexico, the United States and Canada be without borders. They affirm that same-sex “marriage” and abortion are a right of all humanity (except those killed in the abortion process, of course). 

They teach that women be allowed to become priests. (Can you imagine confessing to a woman?  “Bless me Mother for I have sinned. Please don’t tell this to the other women priests, for we all know how women love to gossip. My sin is that I’m pregnant and neither my husband nor I want to kill our child. Oh, also, as I suppose you must be able to tell, I’m not a Democrat but please don’t spread this around the parish, OK?”)

Bishops, clergy and religious should be oriented to specific issues to determine and support those that are in accord with God’s divine law and permit flexibility of choice to the laity whenever the issues are primarily secular rather than divinely mandated. This is entirely consistent with Christ’s mandate to “Render to Caesar (the world) the things that are Caesar’s and render to God the things that are God’s.”

The things that are God’s are non-negotiable – abortion, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, infanticide, euthanasia. One must preserve God’s laws by always opposing these sins.

The things that are Caesar’s, or worldly things, are negotiable and a person may legitimately be for or against them – capital punishment, the economy and jobs, health care and housing, war, the environment, and immigration. Therefore Sr Simone Campbell, the Nuns on the Bus, the USCCB and Pope Francis should not intimidate Catholics by proclaiming what is in fact their personal opinion.

They should be cautious in overstepping their duties by engaging too aggressively in political actions involving worldly things which provide physical nourishment for the body rather than spiritual nourishment for the soul. They should be teachers of the moral law to the laity, rather than be political activists themselves….or rappers. The following is a video of Sr Simone rapping "Nun Trouble". 


  1. Priests are supposed to be other Christs in the world.

    Nuns are supposed to be other Marys in the world — we call them the Brides of Christ.

    That we have forgotten this and perverted these holy Offices into mere political constructs for power and place is the cause of great spiritual confusion and damage.

    Fr. Mike Schmidt, of "Bulldog Catholic" has an excellent video on this topic: "Why can't women be Priests?"

    He states that the cause of Catholic confusion on this topic is that we are in a "single parent" situation at Church. We have Fathers. We do not have any Mothers. If there are any Mothers, they are dressed like this woman, and are acting as if they are Fathers. He calls this a state of spiritual gender confusion. And it is caused by the dysfunctional spiritual life we lead at Church, where even at Traditional Parishes, where everything else may be perfectly orthodox, we are still being raised in a "Single Parent Home".

    I agree with that. Perhaps we have neglected the possibility that perverted notions of what it means to be a Priest are tied to our perverted notions of what it means to be a Nun and WHAT IS a healthy spiritual home. Perhaps more accurately, we don't even consider Women Religious as NECESSARY to our "home"; to the daily life of a Parish. And by this sin of omission we participate in the current heinous idea that a family is a "construct". A mere practical function. All we need is a Father to provide for our sacramental needs. We neglect the spiritual maternal life and unique feminine gifts that God deems necessary to all homes, as embodied in the Blessed Mother, because her contribution serves no "function".

    In our home, I provide material needs, guide its stability, plan for the future and protect our family from harm. Beyond that, I have certain intrinsic limitations. My wife is indispensable. She is its life; the spiritual essence of our clan flows from her infectious, loving self. We need me. But no less, we need her.

    As in the family; so in the Parish.

    We need a spiritual Father AND a Mother in our home!

  2. You are so correct. Thank you for this comment. When my children were small and they were in Catholic school, nuns (in habits) taught them. There was the daily presence of the 2 priests, but also the daily presence of several nuns in habits. The message was clear...spiritual fathers and spiritual mothers.

  3. Susan, It must be what it is like for a child born into a third or fourth generation single parent home, in a community similarly broken, full of single parent dysfunction. That child doesn't even know what he or she is missing; doesn't even know the richness of family that he is due. Doesn't even know he is being ripped off and should demand more. All he has ever known from birth is a struggling mom who is mean and frequently violent, who rarely puts enough food on the table; males who come and go and misuse his mom and play video games. He is hungry and bereft, but thinks he is full. That is normal. "I didn't get beat up today. It was a good day!" Family? What "God" intended? Masculine leadership and protection? Feminne nurturing and love? Huh!?" There is no frame of reference for that to even make sense, much less desired as good.

    Our Church is bereft. It doesn't even know what riches it is missing. We don't even know enough to ask the question. Where is my Mother?