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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vatican Press Office Disses Cardinal Sarah

Holiness, did you hear what Cardinal Sarah said? And it
wasn't even off the cuff! We need to correct it immediately!
Are We Surprised?

Alert from Fr. Lombardi: Cardinal Sarah didn't know what he was saying!

Ah well, I was surprised when Cardinal Sarah said it. I had hoped it indicated that the Holy Father actually approved of ad orientem worship -- you know -- like Benedict requiring those who received Communion from to kneel and receive on the tongue.

We can always depend on the Vatican Press Office to champion the left. Let's hope many ignore Fr. Lombardi and listen to Cardinal Sarah instead. I, for one, have had enough of showmen priests and their one-man comedy acts.


Cate VanLone-Taylor said...

Amen to that.

phil dunton said...

Cardinal Sarah will end up getting marginalized just like Cardinal Burke did. The present situation in the Vatican is a sad mess!

John said...

How great would it be to have Cardinal Sarah as pope!!
Don't understand all the infatuation with Francis, like he is something new. He seems instead like some old Sixties holdover.

Jane E said...

Mary Ann,

I didn’t think the faithful Cardinal's appeal would fly either. However, that is not the point.

This pontiff has PUBLICLY contradicted and humiliated the head of the dicastery that oversees other words, the expert. How dare he handle it in such a disgraceful manner. Notice how he never chastises those on the left, especially the RADICAL left.

Yet, he goes out of his way to slam anyone who raises a question or reminds us what authentic Church teaching is. Let’s start with Burke, then OFMI’s suppression and Fr. Manelli’s house arrest. From there, Francis moved on to the Bishop in Uruguay whose flourishing seminary was stopped and the deacons halted a few weeks before they were set to be ordained to the priesthood. Within a year that bishop died of a heart attack, no doubt brought on by a broken heart at the witness of no one less than the pope’s betrayal. And his deadly attacks continue to go on and on.

Just a week or so ago Francis went on record that he’s never chopped off anyone’s heads. Perhaps not literally, but figuratively that was quite the boldfaced lie, by the Vicar of Christ. Shame on him and may Our Lord stop him from damaging His Church and further endangering the souls entrusted to his care.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Yes, we are in a sad situation. Between the assaults coming from the secular world and the assaults coming from our pope and his like-minded liberals in the hierarchy we are pretty much sheep without a shepherd. We need to cling to doctrine, the sacraments and the rosary. God will not abandon us even if we are surrounded by wolves in clerical dress.

David Martin said...

People don't realize it, but Paul VI never abrogated the 1962 Roman Missal, nor did he give bishops the authority to forbid priests from saying the Latin Tridentine Mass. When Benedict XVI affirmed this freedom in Summorum Pontificum, he was simply making official what always had been the case.

Pope Paul through his signature allowed the Novus Ordo, yes, but as an indult for those that wanted it. It was never authorized as the official Mass of the Church, nor was it mandated that priests had to say the Novus Ordo Mass, nor was Pope Paul at peace with it. His own words stated in the context of an authoritative encyclical make this clear: "It cannot be tolerated that any individual [bishop] should on his own authority modify the formulas used by the Council of Trent to propose the Eucharistic Mystery for our believe." (Mysterium Fidei, Sept. 3, 1965)

The whole point of his encyclical was that we must stick to the established formula for saying Mass as used throughout the centuries to ensure that the faithful have a proper perception of the Mystery of Faith, which is the very center-piece of our religion.