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Monday, July 11, 2016

Guest Editorial: Are We on the Way to Martial Law?

Dallas officers assassinated during Black Lives Matter protest.
Dallas Shootings Confirm Black Activist Plans to Disrupt GOP Convention

By David Martin

The report surfaced last week that Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson plans to stir up a race riot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July 18-21. Initially some were seeing this as a prank, but the shooting massacre in Texas that left 5 policemen dead clearly indicates the report is true. McKesson is the head of the Black Lives Matter racist group that organized the anti-white police protest in Dallas, which should prove to all that McKesson means business, and that this in fact is part of a larger plan—a plan that could envelop Cleveland and other U.S. cities.

The Black Lives Matter group is now feigning "condemnation" of the Dallas shootings to camouflage their involvement and ensure that they can get away with more of the same. Last week's report clearly shows how McKesson, Loretta Lynch, and others were secretly orchestrating this plan—with funding from billionaire George Soros—to turn the Republican Convention into a war-zone and incite martial law. Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law

The question is asked as to why black militants would pull off the shooting spree just before a convention. The answer is that it comes off as a black victory over a white American police force. This is done to embolden black militants in the anticipation of the upcoming Convention.

Already the FBI has issued an alert to Louisiana law enforcement agencies warning of violence against officers and planned riots in the aftermath of a high-profile fatal shooting of a black man by Baton Rouge Police last week. Judicial Watch It appears that the Dallas massacre was carefully timed to get the ball rolling for this "summer of chaos."

George Soros, who funded the Ferguson riots at a cost of $33,000,000.00, is also funding the anti-Trump protest at the Cleveland Convention. Election 2016, Obama's Tool For Implementing Martial Law? - Stumpin' For Trump! Following the cancellation of the March 10 rally in Chicago because of riots, which he also funded, Soros made it public that he would continue to fund riots and mayhem at any future convention where Trump was scheduled to speak. The entire global elite will be keeping a close eye on the Cleveland convention, which promises to be like no other.

While authorities are fearful of a riot situation in Cleveland, civil liberties activists are feigning concern about the convention. "I’m really concerned all hell is going to break loose," said James L. Hardiman, vice president of the Cleveland NAACP, who noted that community members are expressing similar concerns about the convention "every other day." It is no secret that community activists are actually working underground to help induce the expected riot. 

Activists are also feigning concern about the $50-million federal grant given to Cleveland for convention security. "We’re worried about the militarization of the Cleveland Police Department," said Freda Levenson, the legal director of the ACLU’s Ohio chapter. Cleveland has purchased 2,000 sets of police riot gear, plus several sets of ballistic protection gear, steel barriers and improvements to its surveillance systems, and who's to say that the Cleveland Police— reputed for their excessive use of force—won't be assisting the riot?

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  1. I first read this a week ago or so posted on facebook. Didn't know what to think seeing as though it 'seems' so far out there, but I have seen this now in various publications, and Catholic blog sites. What they are saying is that the Soros headed operation wants to shut down the election completely, so that Obama can impose Martial Law in order to stay in power. Funny that I had read the same report years ago although of course, not in detail as to how this would happen. In all consideration, I don't know how they would really pull this off so that he would retain the White House indefinitely (in order to bring the country down far enough for the NWO powers that be to take over) but???

    I have to wonder how far Our Good Lord is going to allow this to go? Pray!! Pray the Rosary daily!