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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Soooo.....Chem Trails are Real After All.

In June, CIA Director John Brennan admitted that the technology for seeding the stratosphere is going on around the globe.

Here's his full address at the meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations.

I guess chemtrail websites like this one aren't conspiracy theorists after all. What they're warning about is already happening. The question is, what do these chemicals do to the environment when they drop to the earth? Is there an impact on Alzheimers from dosing citizens with aluminum oxide? How about cancer? How many unintended consequences will we see from these technologies? How many are we already seeing without realizing it?


  1. A colossal waste of tax dollars done at the behest of climate-change-koolaid drinkers.

  2. Not just Alzheimers, how about autism? the epidemic spike in cancers?

    These idiots create the problem that they accuse us of causing by breathing. Abject, unadulterated evil.

  3. Alzheimers, Cancer, what about the explosion of sexual identity uncertainty ? Something is causing such!