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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fr. Tom Describes Turkish "Pressure Cooker"

Will an increasingly radicalized Turkey seize the
H-bombs at Incirlik Air Base?
It looks like the victory of the Moslem Brotherhood in Turkey is going to be another “success” that will be touted by Obama and Hillary and lauded by the MSM (mainstream media).

Whereas the Islamic State erected by ISIS had borders that seemed to have been drawn by a group of gerrymandering Democrats, Turkey has a large land mass with clearly set borders and a population of tens of millions, many of whom have strong jihadist sympathies. As Erdogan turns up the heat in order to build up the Islamic resentment and fervor in the Turkish “pressure cooker”, we can anticipate another tsunami of jihadist “refugees” infiltrating into Europe, so as to ensure that jihadist Moslems will be the most cohesive and dominant political voting block in the European Union.

And their ability to seize U.S. tactical nuclear weapons at Incirlik, just as they seized the U.S. Embassy in Teheran in 1979, will be used to convince even more Moslems that the prophesied time has come to move from latent to militant jihad against the infidels.

Meanwhile, ignoring Turkish atrocities that make Abu Ghraib look like a Boy Scout initiation ritual,
America’s MSM is becoming obsessed about analyzing the appearance of plagiarism in Melania Trump’s RNC speech.

Note that in 1917, when Our Blessed Mother at Fatima warned that Russia would spread her errors around the world, large parts of southern Russia were dominated by Moslems. So the “errors” she referred to could include militant Islam, as well as the dialectical materialism, which dominates the secular progressive agenda of the West.

God save us!

Fr. Tom Collins

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  1. It is very possible that Russia will intervene in Turkey to protect it's military interests as will the US since we use Turkey airbases to strike Isis in Syria.

    The Greek Orthodox follow the prophesies of a deceased monk hermit who lived on Athos who also predicted the end of the EU beginning with the UK. He foretold an attack on Turkey by the Russians.