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Thursday, July 14, 2016

You Think Assisted Suicide is about Choice? Dream on!

"Angel of death," Charles Cullen,convicted of
murdering 29 patients. Whose choice? 
Rehab Center Pressures 91-year-old Woman to Kill Herself

When I hear that word "choice" I recall all the young women I counseled (or tried to counsel) outside abortion mills. Many were being dragged into the building by a guy. I remember a few young men who snatched the information I gave the girls out of their hands and stuffed it in the back pocket while cursing at me and telling me, "She's already made her choice."

"No," I would reply, "You've made her choice." or "She's made your choice." Then I would warn the young woman that he would be gone in six months or less leaving her to deal with the fact that she killed her baby to please him.

Sometimes it was a mother bringing her daughter to the mill to kill her grandchild. That always made me especially sick. As the grandmom of two babies born before marriage, I shudder to think that they might never have seen the light of day if they were conceived in another family. Thank you, God and my daughters, for saying yes to life and giving me these precious gifts!

Well, pro-lifers warned for years that killing little ones waiting to be born who have unlimited potential would lead inevitably to killing the weak and elderly who have little or no potential. The world considers them useless eaters and burdens to society. So the article above is just proof that the warning has become reality. Move over, Granny, you're using up more resources than you're worth!

The "No-Choice" of abortion (as in the woman's lament, "I have no choice.") has become the "No-Choice" of euthanasia. How many murders will take place under the guise of "assisted suicide" as patients are helped along by "angels of death" who know what's best for them?

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