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Friday, July 29, 2016

Open Letter to Donald Trump from David Martin

Highlights from the letter:
  • America remains the only nation left on earth that can act as a mighty dam to hold back the floodgates of globalism and communism. 
  • She still has that resilience to come back to her former greatness if we can get a man in office who will stand up to the global tyrants that seek to hand her to the New World Order. 
  • America...must guard its borders and revive its former honor and strength without globalist interference, that she may again be that powerful bulwark to hold back the rising tide of socialism that now threatens to engulf the nations.
  • Turmoil over the elections may also be bring about a national state of emergency that would give the United Nations an excuse to step in with martial law. This will be done in the name of homeland “security” to ensure America’s “safety.” Their objective [the globalists] is to enslave the U.S., so the first step is to make America relinquish its sovereignty and place itself under U.N. jurisdiction, whereby it is subjugated to a world government and loses its status as a free and independent nation.
  • Exposing the enemy design is the key to foiling it, since the “brood of vipers” operates in secret... Hence a true president will fearlessly step up to the plate and put to shame this infamous plot to take America from us, because his first duty is to guard the nation, being Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. He will build up the arsenal and keep his troops here at home to make America safe, and not send them abroad to fight in foreign wars.
  • America, the great white eagle has been plucked by its enemies. Unfortunately, the rampant killing of the unborn at home has given the red serpent great power over America. Abortion truly testifies to the forces of communism at work in our government.
  • For America to be great again, it must first take care of its own people...let us lock our borders, shut down the abortion mills, lower America’s taxes, and use that money to make America great and not to fund private interests abroad like China’s abortions and Russia’s arsenal.
Read complete letter here...

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