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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Did Cardinal Sarah Get Taken to the Woodshed by the Pope?

Sure sounds like it!

Vatican Denies Change in Celebration of the Mass

Cardinal Sarah made his statements recommending ad orientem on July 5th. He was in a private audience with the pope on July 9th where, according to the Vatican Press Office:

...there are no new liturgical directives starting from next Advent, as someone has improperly deduced from some words of Cardinal Sarah, and it is better to avoid using the expression ‘the reform of the reform,’ referring to the liturgy, given that this has sometimes been the source of misunderstanding....all this was expressly agreed during a recent audience given by the pope to the said Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.
And of course the dissenters are chortling. The American Catholic (sic) Council had this to say about the Vatican repudiation of Cardinal Sarah's comments:
All I have to say about this is “DEO GRATIAS!”…reyanna (Rice)
How soon before we see Cardinal Sarah sent to Malta?

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