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Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Agree with VOX. Starve the Beasts at Patheos and Aleteia!

Caution: Click with care.
Catholic bloggers at Patheos and Aleteia are Click Hounds

It started for me with Mark Shea. I won't click on any of his articles because I refuse to feed the beast. There is something a little sick about measuring your income in internet clicks and engaging in strategies that foment discord to get them. So I just don't go to either Patheos or Aleteia. 

Where do I go? To the Catholic Thing and 1Peter5. In fact, 1Peter5 also picked up and commented on the same article by Austin Ruse that VOX addressed on the distortion of St. Maria Goretti and the toxic atmosphere at these "professional Catholic" websites. Ruse is exactly right. They are toxic and it's best to just stay away and not feed the beasts. 

When you click here, no one gets a nickle. What do you get? The views of orthodox Catholics looking at life through the lens of the doctrine and tradition of the Church. And if you want to fight with us in the com box, it's up to you. Just do it politely.

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us. 


  1. I knew about Patheos but didn't realize Aleteia was the same. I'll never give them a click again.

  2. Attacking St. Maria Goretti for her reason for martyrdom? Wow. Whom will they go after next? St. Dominic Savio, who said "Death rather than sin"? Such a twisted view is alive and festering like a cancer in these "Catholic" bloggers. I couldn't agree more with you or Vox or Skojec on Ruse's assessment. Your joint criticism is long overdue. These bloggers, who pass themselves off as experts in matters of the faith are all still baby converts. They should be spending much more of their time learning exactly what Catholicism teaches. Instead, these celebrity converts make a living off their conversion. That in itself is hubris. Meanwhile they are presenting the most warped view of Catholic thought and belief yet. These are the members of the New Religion.