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Friday, July 22, 2016

Thought for the Day on Trump, Cruz, and the GOP Convention

From Fr. Tom Collins:
Ted Cruz seems to have actually done Trump a big favor by not directly endorsing his candidacy at the RNC. For months Trump has called Sen. Cruz, “Lying Ted”.
How, then, could he be helped by a direct endorsement from a man, whom he has consistently proclaimed to be a pathological liar? This would give plenty of ammunition to the Democrats, who could issue ads juxtaposing Trump’s “Lying Ted” remarks with his acceptance of the endorsement of such a “pathological liar”. Such an endorsement would be as helpful as an endorsement from lying, cheating Hillary”.


  1. Fr. Collins, I think you misheard Trump. He did not call him Lying Ted. He called him Lion Ted.

    That is obviously true, based on his willingness to swim against the Trumpish tides of passion and anger and stand alone in front of that mob and indeed the whole world, and say what he said. He has consistently done this throughout his candidacy and public career, defending conservative and Christian principles ably against an unreasoning mob. In the insanity that is quickly coming, and which is our nation's due for its wicked ways, we will remember that speech as the one given by a man able and willing to see and speak the truth.

  2. I think Cruz is politically finished and I think he is a monster liar!

  3. I agree with you Judee! Cruz gave the excuse to his delegates on Friday morning that he couldn't endorse someone who maligned his family in the way that Trump did during the primaries. I think Senator Cruz has been around long enough to know that campaigns are absolutely a blood sport, and although I agree whole heartedly that families should be absolutely 'off limits' in attacks, it's not unheard of by any means for that to happen. I've seen it happen several times even in Presidential campaigns. Families of candidates along with the candidates themselves need to have very thick skin if they're going to campaign. That's why candidates spend so much time discussing whether or not to run with their families.......because EVERYONE knows the mud that's going to be slung. So, if you can't take the heat.....get out of the kitchen, and not that I would blame anyone in the least for opting out,'s as simple as that.

    And BTW.....what in the world was wrong with John Kasich?? Jeb Bush is another one, but Kasich didn't even have to courtesy to welcome Republicans to Ohio??? HIS STATE????? He wouldn't have had to endorse either, but at the very least, he should have welcomed delegates and fellow Republicans! VERY CRASS!! VERY VERY CRASS!!

  4. Oh and just a BTW, I'm not a Trumpster either, but I will have to hold my nose and vote for him if only to keep Hillary out of there. I think it's our moral obligation as Catholic Christians to try to defeat her. My vote won't be a 'vote for Trump' but will be a 'vote against Hillary.' Trump hasn't convinced me that he is totally pro life at all, but at least he doesn't worship at the altar of abortion.

  5. Not just any old liar. A monster liar. With an amen from TLM. A monster liar.

    OK. I'm curious. What's the worst lie of monster liar, Lyin' Ted?