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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Moral Justification for Hillary's Ruthlessness is MEDIOCRITY

Deep down I know I'm mediocre,
but how dare you think I am.
THIS MAY 2016 ARTICLE by THEODORE DALRYMPLEpen name of Dr Anthony Daniels, a British psychiatrist, author and speaker, analyzes Hillary Clinton perfectly and I must say most delightfully in that I always wondered where her ruthlessness came from and now I know.  

In the above article, Theodore Dalrymple/Dr Daniels is writing about the ruthlessness of Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha (1908-1985) and right smack in the middle of the article he makes the comparison of the exact same ruthlessness to Hillary Clinton!

He says (speaking of Hoxha...then switching to remind yourself to read "she/her" instead of "he/his" in this paragraph): Hoxha
"In this, he (Hoxha) was a thoroughly modern man, or perhaps—in view of Mrs. Clinton’s ascent—I should say person; that is, he was a ruthlessly ambitious mediocrity, prepared to push anyone aside in order to clamber upwards. In ambition, he was certainly not mediocre; but, aware of his mediocrity, he resented or hated those who showed more talent than he and he set about creating a society in which no such talent could emerge or gain prominence. He was the kind of mediocrity that feels that there is only a limited supply of praise in the world and that which is bestowed on someone else is in consequence not bestowed on him."

But here is Dalrymple/Daniel's PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIC ANALYSIS OF HILLARY CLINTON in full. It is...what can I say...fantastic!

Dr Anthony Daniels
Pen Name: Theodore Dalrymple
For those of you not familiar with Theodore Dalrymple/Dr Anthony Daniels but want to read something by him I recommend his LIFE AT THE BOTTOM: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass. From the link's book review: "Dalrymple, a noted conservative columnist in London's The Spectator, collects pieces he wrote for the conservative City Journal, using his own work as a physician in British slums and prisons as fodder for an analysis of the underclass: "not poor... by the standards of human history but trapped in a special wretchedness from which it cannot emerge."

His articles can be found at TAKI'S MAGAZINE, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research's CITY JOURNAL and most specifically a website dedicated to his writings: THE SKEPTICAL DOCTOR.

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