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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yes, Catholics, You Can Morally Vote for Donald Trump!

You cannot morally vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine and their pro-abort, pro-same-sex marriage mandates. (Mark Shea, you are dead wrong and will be held morally accountable for telling Catholics to vote for that evil duo!) Clinton's positions and the Democratic platform are so evil, she and her party are disqualified.

You do not HAVE to vote for Donald Trump. If you're conscience tells you not to support either candidate, that is a justifiable moral choice. I've been there myself at times in the voting booth.

But you MAY morally vote for Trump with the hope that he will limit the evils facing us and give us time, as John Vennari points out, to raise our children and grandchildren.

I WILL vote for Donald Trump. He is not perfect, but he certainly is not the demon the media and the liberal pro-abort, pro-gay marriage Democrats are trying to portray. He has made a number of commitments that indicate he will roll back some of the worst evils forced upon us in the last sixteen years by new-world-order George W. Bush and liberal socialist Barack Obama.

Watch the video and ask yourself whether you believe Trump will support home schooling, protect the borders, defend life, name strict constructionists to the Supreme Court, abolish the Johnson amendment that gags religious organizations, etc. There is the potential for good from Trump. Pray and vote.


  1. Thanks Janet, that's funny. Just goes to show how much attention I pay to the big blowhard.

  2. "Just goes to show how much attention I pay to the big blowhard."

    ROTFL! ;^)

    Oh, Mary Ann.

    You really did make me laugh out loud to start the weekend!

    Keep these posts coming. :^)

    Catechist Kev

  3. I'm always glad to hear I made someone laugh. In these dark times I need a dozen good laughs a day (and at least a dozen hugs from my grandchildren when I can get them) to stay sane.

    Getting ready to do a post on your book which I think is excellent. If only young Catholics would be as interested in learning their faith as they are in Pokemon Go.

  4. You want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt? He encouraged Russia to hack a government server. He has filed bankruptcy more than you have given birth. He speaks vile words about women. He is dumb as a bag of rocks. He is unpatriotic. If he loved his country he would pay his share of taxes. He would support a living wage rather than say they are already too high. You are a one issue voter. He doesn't care about abortion. He's manipulating you for a vote.

  5. Wow, Sassy. Hmm...Let's see. Who else should we vote for? There's Hillary and, um...Hillary. If Russia can hack into Hillary's emails or server or whatever to get to the truth, I say...GREAT!! Trump cannot be "dumb" as you say, because I bet he has more money than you do. Can't be too dumb and be that wealthy. And so on for the rest of your comments.

    Sounds as if YOU are the one issue voter (liberal). I'm a Trump girl myself, because face it - he's the only one who stands a chance against Hillary and the media who have already elected her. She would have walked all over Cruz at the polls, and the same for all the rest of the republican candidates. Trump is's Trump or we lose America forever.

    So if you vote for Hillary and we end up in a totalitarian regime (remember evil women are far worse than evil men when it comes down to it) then don't be blaming Trump. You will have had your chance - that one last chance for freedom - and you will have blown it by voting for Hillary.

  6. I watched the press conference. He did no such thing. And if you want vile against women look at Bill Clinton's rape and molesting of women and Hillary's damage control of what they consider "bimbo eruptions." After all, Bill's victims must be to blame for his rutting behavior.

    As for being dumb as a bag of rocks, Trump is articulate and makes a lot of sense unlike Hillary who accomplished absolutely nothing as a Senator and was a traitor and liar as Secretary of State. Oh...and a killer in the same way King David was when he told Uriah's superior officer to leave him on the front lines and then pull back so he'd be killed.

    As for manipulation, is that a joke? The Clinton's with the help of their liberal enablers in the mainstream media are masters of manipulation.

    I expect you're a troll for the Clintons, Sassy. Either that or your blind as a bag of rocks.

  7. I've heard nothing new about Trump. No one says anything in his favor except he's not Hillary.

    Everyone has already made up their mind. There are no new facts to be had. He is who he is. Comments about him are all the same. Sound and fury signifying nothing. What else is there to say? "He really, really is not Hillary!"

    Hey! That could actually make a pretty good chant!

    They can have it! I won't vote for him, but I give them that chant as a gift.

    Conflict's a-comin'. Either way, this is going to get ugly. Politicians can't fix this one. We're going to have to earn our freedom again. Or lose it forever.

  8. Pay his taxes? Give me a break. He "contributes" more in one month than most of us will in a lifetime, and the IRS won't let him skate on a slim dime, since they audit him every year, whether he needs it or not.

    As for Russia, really? He said "find"...You can't hack a server that was "wiped clean like with a cloth or something? Cackle!" You can find them if they are floating around in cyberspave, perhaps. It is not a national security issue anyway if it was all about yoga classes and wedding preparations!

    There is no rest for the Catholics or any other Christians if hillary gets in. I vote to limit evil, but I am also liking some positive things with Trump. A reverse of globalism would be nice, maybe reign in some of the UN nonsense.

  9. One thing I will grant regarding Trump is that he has not yet been allowed to fully make his case; to "earn my vote" as they used to say.

    I will be watching with great interest, Trump/Pence, to see how they specifically answer important questions; their solutions and what their priorities will be. I need specifics from him. Rhetoric is not enough. I need to see specifically, how he intends to govern.

    I may agree with you based on his answers. Perhaps he'll surprise me. I would love to admit how wrong I was on Nov 5.

  10. Trump is smart because he has more money than me? That statement is so immature. Belittling me because you think I am a liberal cheering on Hillary is equally immature. It's really not polite to make these assumptions.

  11. But it's polite to say Trump is "dumb as a bag of rocks?" People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones as my mom used to say. But to clarify things, are you a Hillary supporter?

  12. No, I am no fan of Hillary. Not that it matters who I support. Trump leaves much to be desired. His record on marriage and business practices are abysmal. He leaves a trail of lawsuits and fraud. He cheats on his wives and walks away. Wives....times 3. That's not how I was raised. It's not okay.

  13. Well, I can't disagree with that. But the description made me laugh. Sounds like Bill and Hillary. Only difference is that Bill and Hillary have maintained their marriage of convenience for political purposes through rape, seduction, theft, and fraud. What a political choice, eh?

  14. One of the many things that bothers me about Trump is that he is forcing good hearted conservatives to participate in his increasingly revealed evil; the little windows that allow us to see who this man is. We have so little to judge him by right now. But once in Office, as the President WE chose, WE will be responsible for supporting his agenda, perhaps with majorities in both Branches of Congress. His tenure will be on our consciences.

    One key moment for me was during the debates when he stated he would command his military to torture innocent women and children to get information and compel a reluctant military to obey such illegal orders through the force of his official power. That response terrifies me. It demonstrates a complete disregard for law, the rooting of power in constitutional restraint and a casual dismissal of the significance of the awesome power he is trying to assume.

    I still don't know enough about him to grant him such power. Except that he's not Hillary.

    Perhaps more trivially, I just read today of our future First Lady's past photo shoots. The latest is a nude lesbian theme in a French magazine from the '90s. There are others. Ok, I'm as bad a sinner as anyone. I became Catholic because I need Sacramental Grace and forgiveness. I get past indiscretions. But what is Trump campaign's response to this revelation? THAT is relevant:

    "Trump adviser Jason Miller told CNN on Sunday that there was "nothing to be embarrassed about with the pictures -- she's a beautiful woman."

    I find that unacceptable. The line with Trump will continually move down that slippery moral slope and we will be forced, as his supporters to go whithersoever he goest. I am willing to be persuaded otherwise, but so far I have seen NOTHING that persuades. I am unconvinced, so far, that he is qualitatively different in policy and morality than Hillary. Just less known. My vote affirmation requires that convincing.

    I highly recommend that this moral complicity be considered before voting for this man.

  15. I didn't see that in the debates, but I agree it would be totally unacceptable as policy. Do you have a link to that? I'd like to watch it. As far as his supporters being " go withersoever he goest," how is that true? I have never agreed 100% with any candidate I voted for since I was first able to vote. I voted for George Bush but opposed his Patriot Act, his Iraq war, etc. You do the best you can with your vote and then you try to improve those things in the candidate with which you disagree. Everybody has the potential to change. Donald Trump is a worldly man and his wife, much younger than he, grew up in an era of anything goes.

    Haven't you noticed in your own family that the idea of modesty has hit a new low? On occasion I've refused to go out with family members unless they changed. Our culture has desensitized all the young about how they dress, whether they desecrate their bodies with tattoos and piercings, etc. I do what I can with my granddaughters reminding them that they want to attract guys to their eyes, the "windows of the soul" not to tempt the guys to think of them as nothing but sex objects. But it's a struggle because we are fighting everything they see every day.

    We all muddle on and I guess we'll see what happens. I never put my trust in men so no matter what happens on election day, I will say, "Praised be to God for another day and His many blessings."

  16. Sure. It's a YouTube titled "Donald Trump says the U.S. Military Will Commit War Crimes For Him".

    As a former member of the military, this topic is especially near to my heart. In Vietnam the Mai Lai massacre was an infamous defining moment because it crastalized the practical outcome at the expense of law and morality. It was th ment we all saw we'd lost our way as Amercans. It was drilled into we servicemen that the only order we were obligated to follow was a legal, constitutional order, in accord with the military legal code: UCMJ. If not, not only COULD we disobey, we were REQUIRED to disobey. To comply made us complicit. Following illegal orders was no defense in a Court Martial proceeding.

    I remain in touch with an active member of long standing and can tell you that morale in our Armed Frces is exceedingly bad. It is rotten, in fact. Good people, like my friend, are leaving. Those who remain to face our common enemy are NOT the best of the best any more. Check this link out from Anne Barnhardt who refectory describes my experience and anecdotally, that of my friend.

    In normal times I would agree with you on disagreements with my chosen candidate. This time is not normal, nor is this candidate. If you watch that 2:45 second clip you will see the essence of why I believe Trump s not only wrong, but dangerous to the Republic. Disregard for law; for Constitutional restraint on his power; disregard for the rights of American Sevicemen citizens of America; disregard for the awesom responsibility of the most powerful Office in the history of the world. And then there is the disgusting technique of the bully to take a difficult question and smear his opponent with vile motives and invective. Bully. 2:45 spent on a topic of huge, moral import and his presence literally turns my stomach.

    I am deeply concerned about our nation.

  17. P.S. Sorry about all the miss-spellings on my previous comment. I type on an I-pad with auto-fill spell check, and I sometimes don't proof read my work as I should.

  18. Hi Brian, Today, I was sent a link to the Anne Barnhardt blog about the NCO resigning from a Trump supporter. That seems counter to the YouTube link you posted and your prior comments which disapprove of Trump.

  19. Kraig, Not sure what you're talking about. The Barnhardt essay referred to apolitical internal military issues, not politics; not particular candidates for President. Perhaps your Trump supporter interpreted the piece as advantageous. It is not.

    I see the military as an institution critical to the survival of American Democracy. They are not a political pawn of any candidate. Military put their lives on the line with the understanding that their political masters will use them properly in defense of Amerca and our interests in accordance with Law, our Constitution, military tradition, and the will of the people.

    When those principles are lost, the military institution fails, crumbles at the foundation, and America is surely doomed.

    IN SHORT: The point of Barnhardt's link is to show that the political class is failing our military. It's members have had enough. They are even willing to forego earned pensions to flee the rot descending on them from the top down. They are leaving because of the spiral starting with Clinton, to Bush, then Obama, but perhaps reaching fulfillment under Trump (for sure Hillary btw).

    My opinion is still open on Trump. He still has time to convince me otherwise. But his Debate comment on compelling military professionals to commit an illegal, immoral order on nothing more than the raw power of a Presdent Trump, in contravention of military law and tradition isnrepellant and a symptom of the problem of which I speak. His answer dripped with disdain for those who would oppose him. He doesn't have a clue about the lives depending on his judgement. Unacceptable! if I were still in, I would say the same as those leaving: "Find someone else to do your fighting and dying!" I hope I'm wrong. He needs to prove it.

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  21. Sorry, Isabel, if you want to promote an evil candidate do it somewhere else. Hillary Clinton is an ideologue promoting every evil liberal agenda item in the book: abortion, contraception, same sex marriage, gender ideology, globalism, assisted suicide, ad nauseum. She gets no traction on my blog!