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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yes, Catholics, You Can Morally Vote for Donald Trump!

You cannot morally vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine and their pro-abort, pro-same-sex marriage mandates. (Mark Shea, you are dead wrong and will be held morally accountable for telling Catholics to vote for that evil duo!) Clinton's positions and the Democratic platform are so evil, she and her party are disqualified.

You do not HAVE to vote for Donald Trump. If you're conscience tells you not to support either candidate, that is a justifiable moral choice. I've been there myself at times in the voting booth.

But you MAY morally vote for Trump with the hope that he will limit the evils facing us and give us time, as John Vennari points out, to raise our children and grandchildren.

I WILL vote for Donald Trump. He is not perfect, but he certainly is not the demon the media and the liberal pro-abort, pro-gay marriage Democrats are trying to portray. He has made a number of commitments that indicate he will roll back some of the worst evils forced upon us in the last sixteen years by new-world-order George W. Bush and liberal socialist Barack Obama.

Watch the video and ask yourself whether you believe Trump will support home schooling, protect the borders, defend life, name strict constructionists to the Supreme Court, abolish the Johnson amendment that gags religious organizations, etc. There is the potential for good from Trump. Pray and vote.