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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Church Being Undermined From Within! (Ya Think?)

Top adviser to Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict warn of "Cabal" undermining the faith.
Msgr. Michael Schooyans
The active members of this party have ready access to the media; they frequently appear unmasked. They operate with backing from some of the highest authorities in the Church. The main target of these activists is Christian morality, criticized for having a severity incompatible with the "values" of our time. We must find ways which lead the Church to please, by reconciling its moral teaching with human passions. …
The unity of the Church is in peril where there are suggestions of biased, at times demagogic, proposals for decentralization, largely inspired by Lutheran reform.
Consider the pope's upcoming celebration of Luther's rebellion. Is that not telling? And do you recognize any of the cabal members from Msgr. Schooyans' description? How about Cardinal Marx, Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Schonborn, Archbishop Cupich, Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal Dolan, etc.

Is it any wonder the secular world is falling apart when so many of the hierarchy have lost their salty flavor and their yeast has gone flat? As scripture says they are only fit to be trodden on. And yet, they retain their power and sow confusion and dissent in the Church.

I think this must be the age of the laity -- not as the dissenters believe:  to take the place of the clergy -- but to sound the trumpet warning and teach doctrine, doctrine, doctrine to our children and grandchildren while we pray, pray, pray and do penance, penance, penance. To do penance today is unavoidable. It requires us only to accept the difficulties of our age without becoming discouraged or falling into despair. "I offer this, Lord, for love you, the conversion of sinners, and in atonement for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

In many ways, the average Catholic today is living like the Church in Russia under the Communists and in the German controlled countries under the Nazis. It is absolutely necessary to find the true shepherds among the clergy and cling to them while we unmask the false shepherds and their lay enablers.

I think Catholics today are called to imitate St. John the Baptist and the faithful Christians of the Middle East. Never stop fighting until they cut off your head.

Read more from Msgr. Michael Schooyans here, here, and here. He is one of those exposing the false ideas endangering the faith. His writing is well worth studying for a Master's thesis or dissertation.

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