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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet Warren Hern, Serial Killer...

Warren Hern by his conveyor belt ready for his next victim.
...He'll abort a woman even if she's in labor about to deliver.

Abortion worker: Babies are so large ‘they come out crying and looking for their mama

An article in Esquire gives more detail into the abortionist's mind and it's surely a convoluted one. He'll do abortionists up until birth and the story goes on and on about all the late terms he does for one medical condition after another: Down Syndrome, fetal abnormalities, etc. And he's oh-so-compassionate repeating "amor, amor, amor". 

But it's clear from the story that any reason for a late term abortion is A-okay with him. As the receptionist tells a patient, "I also want you to know, we don't care what your reasons are. We're not going to judge you." So much for the abortionist's claim to abort only for serious conditions. Going on a cruise and want to look good in your bikini? Hern is there for you!

He fulminates against pro-lifers  telling the reporter:
They seem civilized but underneath you have this seething mass of angry, rabid anger and hatred of freedom that is really frightening, and they support people like the guy who shot George [Tiller] — they're all pretending to be upset, issuing statements about how much they deplore violence, but it's just bullshit. This is exactly what they wanted to happen. He goes on about Bill O'Reilly for a while. Over the course of twenty-nine separate shows, O'Reilly accused "Tiller the Baby Killer" of performing a late abortion for any reason at all, even so a girl could attend a rock concert — a charge that is blatantly untrue. O'Reilly is a disgrace to American society, he says.
 And yet, his receptionist makes it clear they ask no questions and won't judge anyone's reason for offing her baby. I can personally testify to the fact that women will seek late term abortions for exactly the frivolous reasons this killer calls "blatantly untrue." I once went with a girl for an ultrasound who was considering abortion. The purpose of the test was to determine the age of the baby before the abortion. I was criticized for taking her but it gave me uninterrupted time to try to talk her out of it. Her reason for aborting her obviously late-term baby? Exactly the one I mentioned above. She was going to the beach and wanted to look good in her bathing suit. Thanks be to God, the abortionist called it off because the baby was too old. Unlike Hern, there were limits to his barbarism. Thank God we were in Virginia and not Colorado.

I found this exchange with the reporter particularly interesting and illustrative of the man's dishonesty:
It's odd, you say, trying to be agreeable. They always go after the doctors. They never go after the moms. 
His eyes snap up. What moms? The patients? 
Yeah, the patients. 
They're not moms until they have a baby.
Most pregnant women I know would disagree, but Hern is living in a dream world where he dehumanizes the little ones in the womb just like other mass murderers have done throughout history to justify their violence. They label their victims "niggers", "gooks", "untermenschen", "cockroaches", "chinks", "infidels", "crackers", "mackerel snappers", etc.  Dehumanization is the first step on the road to annihilating the unwanted.

The reporter mentions reading the abortionist's papers:
Late that night, he calls you at your hotel. You're reading one of his many scientific publications, which have titles like Shipibo Polygyny and Patrilocality or Urban Malignancy: Similarity in the Fractal Dimensions of Urban Morphology and Malignant Neoplasms. This one argues that man is a "malignant ecotumor" laying waste the planet. One of the main characteristics of a cancerous growth is that it resists regulation. A cancer cell is a cell that reproduces without limits.
Ah...whenever he kills a baby he is freeing the planet from one more "malignant ecotumor". When I worked at AAA Women for Choice in Manassas, the abortionist next door had the same warped view of mankind and was always sending over articles about overpopulation. It makes sense doesn't it? That these death dealers would have to justify their murder of the image of God by rejecting God in favor of a pantheistic view of nature as god? Or maybe it's just a way of trying to resolve their cognitive dissonance. Hern's mother described him as a religious child, one who wanted to be a missionary to Africa like Albert Schweitzer. What did he become instead? A man who will murder an innocent baby up to birth.

Oh, but he doesn't recognize them as babies or at least claims they aren't babies:
In passing, the abortionist says you can never get used to this. Next time he gives you a minute, you ask him to elaborate. 
You can't, he says. I think we're hardwired, biologically, to protect small, vulnerable creatures, especially babies. The fetuses may not be babies, but some of them are pretty close.
Eh, Doc? What are they before they "become" babies: carrots? cantaloupes? fish? chicks? tumors? This is the hypocritical pretense of a "man of science" who wants to play let's pretend with his mind so he can justify killing little ones he knows perfectly well are babies.

While portraying himself as soooo concerned about the women, Hern's services don't come cheap:
The phone rings. June 24 is the first time we are seeing patients. At that time, based on the information you gave me, the fee will be $7,500....The phone rings. Well, have you had an ultrasound? Okay. If it's between nineteen weeks and twenty-four weeks, it'll be between $5,000 and $7,500. Five minutes later, it rings again. No, we need to know what the measurements are before you travel all the way to Colorado. It's a measurement in millimeters and centimeters. Fax it to us. Everything is based on the measurement.
Pray for abortionists. Many have had a moment of enlightenment and left their deadly practice to turn their lives over to Christ. No one is beyond God's redemption while he still has a spark of life in him. Meet some of the abortion providers who now speak with the voice of Christ.  Pray that Dr. Warren Hern becomes one of them.

N.B. There's one error in the Esquire story. The reporter says that Roe v. Wade didn't allow abortion-on-demand, that it put limits on the abortion procedure. He was in error. While Roe paid lip service to a state's right to limit and even forbid abortion unless necessary to save the life or health of the mother, the companion decision Doe v. Bolton stripped that statement of meaning. Doe defined health to include factors like the woman's family situation and her age. So the two decisions effectively said that a woman could have an abortion for no reasons in the first two trimesters and for ANY reason in the third. Warren Hern's practice illustrates that since no one has said he is performing late-term abortions illegally. 

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