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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guest Editorial: More on the Hillary emails, Loretta Lynch, and liberal attacks on Trump.

Indict Hillary for her felonies! Are you kidding?
Did Loretta Lynch Herself?

By David Martin

The House Judiciary Committee is greatly perplexed over Attorney General Lynch's refusal to comment on why the U.S. Justice Department dropped felony charges against Hillary Clinton for her email crimes. Every indication is that Loretta Lynch is about protecting crime, not about protecting America's security.

The Judiciary Committee grilled Lynch on Tuesday about Hillary's mishandling of classified information, but Lynch told the Committee that she would say nothing of it, other than that she had accepted "unanimous" recommendations that charges not be brought against Hillary for her illicit use of her private email while secretary of state.

What baffled the Committee was why Lynch never explained why she thought it was "inappropriate" for her to talk about the closed case—something she is fully aware of—when in fact it is in the best interests of America for her to speak. There are no House rules forbidding her to speak, so why the silence?

Rep. Robert Goodlatte, R-VA, who chairs the panel responded to her persistent stonewalling, saying, "Your refusal to answer questions regarding one of the most important investigations of someone who seeks to serve in the highest office of this land is an abdication of your responsibility." He added, "This is a very important issue of whether or not the Justice Department is going to uphold the rule of law in this country."

Lynch's silence indeed is eerie, but what is especially hair-raising is why she met privately with Bill Clinton at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport just a week before the Justice Department dropped the indictments against his wife Hillary. GOP members slammed Lynch for the secret meeting which took place on her private plane, but she carefully circumvented the issue by saying they spoke of "grandchildren" and "travel," and that there was nothing mentioned in the conversation pertinent to the pending email controversy. 

We should point out that Hillary, who has a history of running down the U.S. Military, assisted President Bill Clinton in disclosing America's top secret military information to the Chinese. The former president also gave unheard of $billions to the Russians and Chinese, with an astronomical $92 billion having gone to the Kremlin in 1992 alone.

lt should come as no surprise then that Hillary as secretary of state would continue her husband's legacy of leaking top secret information to the Russians and Chinese through her email. The felony charges against her were based on fact, so for Lynch to deem it inappropriate to explain why the charges were suddenly dropped indeed raises serious concerns about her credibility and intentions.

Another strike against Loretta Lynch is her impassioned support for racist DeRay McKesson and his radical Black Lives Matter movement which organized the anti-white police protest in Dallas, in which five police officers were shot and killed. Just hours after the shooting, Lynch insulted our police force by telling Black Lives Matter members not to get "discouraged by those [police] who would use your lawful actions as a cover for their heinous violence."

Reports indicate that Lynch is coordinating with black activists to disrupt the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions. On June 11, a Twitterer hacked into McKesson's Twitter account and leaked direct-messages between McKesson and BLM activist Johnetta Elzie, in which the two discussed talking with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about plans to bring on martial law by causing chaos at the Republican Convention in Cleveland (July 18-21), and also at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia a week later.

In the conversation, Elsie asks McKesson, "Have you spoken with Mrs. Lynch [Attorney General] recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections?" McKesson answers, "We spoke two weeks and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump the others can start getting the protesters ready to shut both conventions down. If we can get both conventions shut down for messing over Bernie and for having racist Trump, then get martial law declared so Obama can stay in office, we will win."

A white ally named "Sam" later enters the conversations and says, "I wanted to touch base with you about the summer of chaos. So far we have over 2,000 people bused in from different cities and another 6,000 to 8,000 expected to drive into Cleveland for the Convention... They will not be ready for the crowds we are bringing and they will blame Trump for it [the riot], especially if we shut it down. The GOP will have to replace him at that point or we will continue the disruptions nationwide."

At one point McKesson speaks of infiltrating Trump's team with spies to be kept abreast of Trump's moves ahead of time. He says, "We just have to keep our names out of this and let these [white] people do the work for us." Elsie responds, "That’s all those white people are good for in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine even pretending to like that racist ass Trump even to get info on his events. I’ll be glad when we shut his ass down."

McKesson replies, "With the support we have from Mrs. Lynch and the help we’ve got from Sam and others, it won’t be hard."

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