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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hey Hillary, Liar-Liar Pants on Fire!

Everything about email-gate, Benghazi, the Clinton sex and finance scandals stinks. Hillary is a liar of the first order and her lies have resulted in the deaths of heroic Americans at Benghazi and danger to our security. Can you imagine the harm she can do if she has all the power of the presidency? God help us!


mMISSY SMITH said...


Brian said...

It is important to remember, liberals do not want the same things we want. Liberals are not restricted by quaint Judeo-Christian moral codes. In fact, they hate them. Above all else, they hate them. Hillary's lies do not bother them. They appreciate her brazenness. They nod their heads, "you go, girl!", as she sticks it to the FBI Director and indeed an entire Branch of Government. She gives them what they want, which is policy that drives Christians from the public square along with the Judeo-Christian ethos they cling. As good Darwinists must, they admire victory by the strong over the weak.

In 1918, toward the end of WW I, Churchill referred to their epic struggle for survival as "an open conflict between Christian civilization and scientific barbarism", (great article on that at The American Catholic blog). I believe it is still as elemental as that. We disagree on elemental, bedrock things. Who are we, and what are we to become and can we still even exist as before?

I don't quite know what to do with that, but I do know it is pointless to expect any liberal, much less Hillary, to acknowledge fault and extend a hand of friendship. I think they are already on board the victory train, steaming over the horizon. They are playing a brutal, darwinistic game of survival. We are not.