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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins: On Tim Kaine's (and the Democrats') "Perversion and Barbarity"

The face of the Democratic Party

Fr. Tom pegs it once again. Tim Kaine is essentially saying that all Catholics who believe in marriage (There's only one kind.) are making America a "hostile place." Does that mean faithful Catholics (unlike the kind of Catholic Tim Kaine is) are domestic terrorists? Are we guilty of hate speech for professing Catholic doctrine? In the Democrats lingo we must be. They've portrayed pro-lifers as terrorists for years for trying to protect the most innocent little members of the our human family; so daring to defend marriage must make us REALLY evil. Of course, Kaine used to be among the evil, but he's seen the light. After all, you can't be Democrat and profess the moral values of Jesus Christ. Moloch, Baal, Kali, and Gaia, on the other hand, are honorary lifetime members of the party of death. 

It seems that a number of Democrats are confused as to how and where children are conceived. Never before, since the time of Hamurrabi, has there been such a definition of marriage. Then again, their Party Platform indicates that no “child” has ever been conceived. Thus sex apparently has nothing to do with human reproduction – except when trying to have a man pay child support.

Rather it seems that the Democrats believe that a parasitic fetus violates a woman’s health by developing in her womb. Only after this parasitic fetus is expelled from a woman’s womb does it have the “potential” of becoming a child. But, if it is expelled from her womb due to the failure of an abortion to be fatal to its fetal life, it may be suffocated, beheaded, strangled or left to die of exposure.

Such is the compassion guiding the secular progressive “social justice” agenda. It is consoling to many Democrats, though, that one can be apparently consider himself/herself to be a Catholic in good standing while pro-actively promoting such perversion and barbarity.

N.B. Consider the hypocrisy of Tim Kaine's DNC speech mocking Donald Trump for saying, "Believe me." This, coming from a man who has flip-flopped on abortion (He used to be against it.), taxpayer funding of abortion (He used to be against it.), same-sex marriage (He used to be against it.), TPP (He used to be against it.). get the idea. This man has flip-flopped so often he looks like a fish in the bottom of a boat. The man is a liar and hypocrite who will say whatever he needs to and "believe" whatever the party of death tells him to believe. 


  1. When it comes to abortion, either side ends up talking over he head of the other because we are speaking different languages. Either language makes no sense to the other.

    Tim Kaine is speaking the language of atheistic Darwinism. Fr. Collins is speaking the language of Christianity.

    Wh don't they get t?! Why can't Cecile Richards understand she is committing crimes worse than Adolph Hitler?

    A Darwinst believes two things: There is no God, so everything is driven by natural selection of the strong over the week. "Good" is the weak being displaced by the strong. Whatever is weak and defective must be eliminated in favor of that which is strong and functional. There is no external moral code imposed on anyone except the code of functionality. There is nothing functional about a "fetus". There is nothing functional about "special needs". There is nothing functional about aged, cripples, terminal illness. If life has no intrinsic value from its Author, then "life" is just a machine that either works; or not. And it is certainly not wrong to pull the plug on a deffective machine. It is sapping power and resources from more worthy contributors. Darwinism DEMANDS elimination of defective human product for the sake of the greatest good: Natural Selection.

    We must get it straight that our arguments do not convince because we assume things no longer commonly accepted.

    As much as I agree with Fr. Collins, he will not move the debate because the opposition has not a clue what he is talking about. Society, individuals within society, must be converted first. Until then, arguments mean nothing since they are not understood.