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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Universal Caliphate Stands Before Us

Muslim street preacher
yelling "Allahu Akbar at London police
Catholics need to be more aware that Muslims are taking over the West, desecrating our churches, raping our women and bullying our citizens. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE (and here it is again from the Daily Mail) of what we will live under when, not if - unless people WAKE UP! and STAND UP FOR CHRISTENDOM!! - Islam rules the world.

This isn't merely because of multiculturalism and political correctness that the Islamic situation has gotten out of hand, that we have opened the floodgates to radicals, that Islam at every juncture bullies, threatens, sues to get its way and if it doesn't then butchers, maims, slaughters, tortures and rapes to bulldoze its path into power. The Worldwide Caliphate stands before us, and what do we do? 

We argue about elections, talk about which way the priest should face at Mass, what this Cardinal or that one said or did, the Pope's latest ad lib out of the mouth faux pas. We blame Angela Merkel, Bush or Obama, when really it is our own pathetic uninterested fault. And don't even get me started on the Catholic hierarchy and leftist universities, both Catholic and non-Catholic.

Islamic version of BLM
Instead of being UNIFIED as ONE against Islam, we divide ourselves into smaller and smaller groups or factions and ignore the behemoth looming, overshadowing the world, ready to devour us the moment it has enough power. And that moment is just about upon us when we will have to choose one side or the other - Christendom and God or Islam and the Devil.

For behind the scenes out there in the transcendent which we cannot see with our eyes the battle is constantly waged between principalities and power, and the rulers of darkness, which in our own age is Christendom's (the West's) battle against Islam.
Open your eyes, people. Look at Christian and Jewish blood spilt since the time of Muhammad by Islam and which continues to this day. Islam was confined to the Arabian desert for only a few centuries after the battle of Vienna but since 1850 has creeped into the West, and in the 20th Century, Islamic countries made deals with the West over the oil that lay beneath their Arabian soil - the oil which they think Allah gave them since they are "the rulers of the world".

Arabic countries, with the help of the pro-Islamic UN, the EU and the liberal ruling elite of the West traded oil for migration of Muslims into the West. Hence the "refugee" crisis, which was and remains a well planned Islamic infiltration into countries Islam eventually will rule.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. That is a lie, except for their version of peace which is once the entire world is under Islamic rule there will finally be peace for mankind. But that's a lie of the Devil. Why would anyone believe that Islam is a religion of peace? Look at the video. Is the London Muslim peaceful? No. Even though he was arrested the following day, why was he not arrested on the spot? Well, look at the end of the video. See the large crowd of young Islamic males on their IPhones. They could easily tear the policeman limb from limb. My guess is that the police let the radical irate out of control Muslim back out on the street because they - like all Westerners today - fear Islam and Muslims.

So, to further educate yourselves, here's CREEPING SHARIA. Read the DAILY onslaughts against the West by Islam and sharia law,  ignored by our pro-Islamic mainstream media. Be informed. Be aware. 

Barbaric 7th century sharia law where beheading,
massacring and annihilating infidel dogs is acceptable
We are sheep among rabid wolves ready to tear us apart like they did on 9/11 and continue to do daily in Paris, in Nice, in Rouen, in Cologne, in Orlando. Be gentle as doves (Yes, we can lead our normal daily Christian lives with family and friends in sincerity in all our thoughts and actions and we can enjoy the things of the world - a day at the beach, baseball games, etc.) but be WISE AS SERPENTS so as not to be torn into shreds by the wolves, to be caught unaware and clueless to the dangers Islam provides, to the loss of freedom, to have to submit to sharia law under pain of death...because it would and will come down to the one point for this world which has forgotten God - chose God or the Devil, Christendom or Islam, the Judeo-Christian West or the Islamic Caliphate, and the one Islam always tells to infidel dogs - convert to Islam or die.


  1. Politicians are not going to be able to give us what we need, this time. This time we are going to have to earn it the hard way; or lose it forever. There is a time for peace; and a time for war; and nothing new is under the sun.

  2. To add to this, and thank you for this article BTW, we might reflect on Pope Francis latest remarks in regard to Fr. Hamel's brutal death by Islamic devils. He has now crossed the line from potential heresy to being a VERY REAL danger to his own faithful, when he states that there are the SAME FUNDAMENTALIST GROUPS in ALL RELIGIONS INCLUDING OUR OWN. Has anyone thought of the implications of such a statement??? He is putting his own faithful in potential GRAVE DANGER inviting REAL PERSECUTION of Catholics and even all Christian people of every denomination, stating is essence that there are some of us (small groups) of fundamentalists that CAN BE COMPARED TO ISIS!!!!!!!!!!! The Pope has now crossed the line from (potential) heresy to a real DANGER in planting ideas that indicate there are some of us that are as threatening as ISIS!!!!!!! He's putting his own faithful in a very perilous position. We used to worry about his off the wall statements in regard to the faith, now.........we worry about what could happen if the idea, planted by HIM were to ever catch on that traditional Catholics are just as dangerous. And don't think this is an over exaggeration in the climate we are now living in. My Lord and my God, what kind of Pope have you given us???!!! WHO IS THIS MAN???

  3. TLM - I agree 100%. I'm on the verge of thinking this pope represents or is the great apostasy. ISIS comes from Islam which was born of Satan so when Francis said that terrorism is not of Islam I thought he had finally lost his mind. Where else would it come from but Islam?

    He's comparing God to Satan, the Catholic Church to Islam, Jesus to Muhammad and basically saying that the 2 religions are the same. That IS heresy. That's blasphemy. It's anti God, anti-Christ - oops, did I say that? He's supposed to be the Vicar of Christ not the Vicar of Muhammad or the Vicar of Martin Luther.

  4. Also, God did not give us this pope. I'm a convert and had thought that the Holy Spirit elects the pope and that bad popes were a thing of the past but then Francis was elected and I began to wonder. I wondered why God would do that...want Francis to be pope. But two very wise people kindly told me that the Holy Spirit does not elect the pope because the Cardinals have free will.

    Here's a quote from one of them: "The Cardinals have free will to accept or reject the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the selection of a Pope. The counsel of the Holy Spirit is a special gift that assists the mind and perfects the virtue of prudence by enlightening a person on how to decide or make judgments in a particular case. The greater the sanctity of the individual, the more claim he has on this divine consultation and guidance. Unholy persons very imperfectly understand and may elect not to receive this divine guidance.

    As a result, more than a few popes have been elected by the Cardinals who have been sinful men and poorly equipped to lead the Church in full accordance with God's desires. Note that the Book of Revelation foretells the election of terrible popes just before the end times. Moreover, not all popes are necessarily saints in heaven, and such sinful men could never have been selected by the Holy Spirit. that is why determination of sainthood is made in each individual case."