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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There are Saints among Us - Maria Santos Gorrostieta

Mexican mother murdered by drug gangs after pleading for her daughter's life

The story of Maria Santos Gorrostieta is harrowing and it shows a woman, like her Cristeros countrymen, willing to die fighting evil.

Here's just a little about this amazing woman:
In a statement to the public...the devout Catholic said: 'At another stage in my life, perhaps I would have resigned from what I have, my position, my responsibilities as the leader of my Tiquicheo. 'But today, no. It is not possible for me to surrender when I have three children, whom I have to educate by setting an example, and also because of the memory of the man of my life, the father of my three little ones, the one who was able to teach me the value of things and to fight for them.

'Although he is no longer with us, he continues to be the light that guides my decisions.'

She added: 'I struggle day to day to erase from my mind the images of the horror I lived, and that others who did not deserve or expect it also suffered.

'I wanted to show them my wounded, mutilated, humiliated body, because I’m not ashamed of it, because it is the product of the great misfortunes that have scarred my life, that of my children and my family.' 
'Despite my own safety and that of my family, what occupies my mind is my responsibility towards my people, the children, the women, the elderly and the men who break their souls every day without rest to find a piece of bread for their children.
'Freedom brings with it responsibilities and I don’t dare fall behind. My long road is not yet finished - the footprint that we leave behind in our country depends on the battle that we lose and the loyalty we put into it.' [Her dead body, tortured, burned, and stabbed was found eight days after the abduction.]
Now...consider this.  she was executed for defying Mexican drug lords while two states in the U.S. just legalized drugs, Colorado and Washington state. Makes you think, doesn't it? Our southwest, especially Texas, is seeing the spillover of violence despite lies and denial from the administration. The Texas state government is so concerned they've started their own website. Politicians play it down, but the men and women on the front line are living with guns next to their beds.


Anonymous said...

She was a beautiful woman in more ways than one. May she finally be at peace now. This is all so sad, and this administration does nothing but encourage the use of marijuana, which many doctors think might affect the male sperm and the smokers's progeny, besides being worse than regular cigarettes as far as cancer. Then there are the far worse drugs being brought back and forth across the borders.

Anonymous said...

In my last post, I meant that Marijuana has far more side effects than just being cancer producing as are regular cigarettes.

Ray Schneider said...

Perhaps such heroism as this will inspire others to show some gumption and stand up to the evil that surrounds them.

We are surrounded by a dying culture. We must have the courage to resist.

Dolmance said...

This argument about the benefits of drug prohibition is absurd.

If there wasn't a prohibition against marijuana in the US, that woman would probably be alive, along with several hundred thousand Mexican men, women and children, and there would be no drug cartels operating in Mexico, or anywhere else.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can't agree with you Dolmance. I just attended a talk by the sheriff in my local community, a small town in northwestern Virginia, about the big business in the sale of black market cigarettes. Legalizing drugs will not eliminate illegal trafficking any more than cigarettes being legal eliminates the black market in cigarettes. It will just make a lot more addicts.