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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Letter to the Prime Minister of France from Me

Manuel "Just Learn to Live with Terrorism" Valls
Prime Minister of France
Dear P.M. Valls, What on earth are you babbling about when you tell French citizens that they will "just have to live with terrorism"? Does that mean that you, that France, that Europe are collaborators with the EU traitors who let the invaders in in the first place? I suppose it does.

You were only 21 in 1983, but maybe you were there at the Hamburg Symposium for Euro-Arab Dialogue getting your first lessons on the superiority of Arab culture, “the grandeur of Islam, the superiority of Islam, the greatness, the mercy, the benignity, the peerless scientific and humanistic richness of Islamic civilization. That Beacon of Light as it was called at the Symposium – a light that for centuries had illuminated Europe,” as Oriana Fallaci says in her Force of Reason (2004)….a must read for anyone wanting to know what today’s media wants us to either forget or never know. And Oriana herself recommends Bat Ye'or's Eurabia.
Do you recall that it was there in Hamburg when our western culture was so belittled that the Arab delegates found themselves filled with courage “to once again claim the Islamic origins of Judaism and Christianity, for presenting Abraham as a prophet of Allah and Jesus Christ as a failed pre-Mohammed? No one got up to protest with an indignant: Have you lost your mind?!?” (Thank you, Oriana.)
Required reading
for Prime Ministers
It was there in Hamburg that they spoke of immigrants too, and their equality and participation in the political life of the host countries (voting). That the rights of Muslim immigrants must be equal to the rights of the host countries' citizens. Newspapers must be printed in Arabic, and radio stations and television channels must be broadcast in Arabic. It was in Hamburg, way back in 1983, that they requested to "increase their presence in trade unions, universities, schools, in local administrations. The symposium was a debasement, a condemnation of western civilization where apologies were made for the Crusades and colonialism that ungrateful Europe had inflicted on the Beacon of Light.
Well, now that you’ve grown up and become Prime Minister it’s good of you to let the French people finally know where they stand in relation to Islamic terrorists. Just get used to the killing, the slaughters and blood. Massacres by knife, guns, trucks, planes, boats are to be normal everyday occasions. It was stated that your country is not equipped against Islamic terrorism, and so your pathetic statement to give the people something to hang onto in their time of fear was: “We just have to live with it.” ....End of letter.


  1. I recently read Hillaire Belloc's essay on the New Paganism published in a book of essays in 1937. I'm not sure when it was written, but it certainly describes the situation of much of Europe today. New paganism is much worse than the old paganism which was often open to and moving toward the truth of Christianity. The new paganism represents a rejection of Christianity and can't help sinking into despair and diabolical disorientation. That France, the land of Joan of Arc and St. Bernadette, of the Miraculous Medal and the great St. Louis should lose the faith is a worse tragedy than every terrorist act on the planet. St. Genevieve, patroness of Paris, and St. Louis, patron of France, pray for your poor fellow countrymen and for a restoration of the faith there. Our Lady of Lourdes, intercede for your French children.

  2. Via Facebook

    If he's anything like American politicians, he's surrounded 24/7 by security guards who are armed to the teeth, and lives and works in places comparable to fortresses. So it's easy for him to say that everyone else just has to live with terrorism.


  3. What I was trying to say was: Where is France's vim and vigor? Or as Pericles said: "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."

    So where is France's courage? That courage which will give them freedom from Islam and terrorists? Courage to defend themselves. Courage to crush evil? Courage to win the battle because this isn't the liberal left schoolyard where there is no winner or loser because "everyone is a winner". The Sons of Allah believe in winning only and everyone else is the loser. Like France. Like the people of France. The families of the victims.

    They are being told, "Just live with terrorism...just get used to it." When I heard that I thought, "What the......!!??!!"