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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Have you heard the one about the dumb blonde named Hillary....

See Mad Magazine
...who claims she left the White House "dead broke?"

She must think we're all dumb blondes!

The Millionaire Pauper? Hillary Clinton’s Claim On Being “Dead Broke” Falls Flat With The Facts

Maybe being broke explains why the Clinton's stole so many items from the White House when they left. Hey, they needed to run them by the local pawn shop. 

Liars and thieves: that about sums up Bill and Hillary...oh...except for Bill's history as rapist and groper. He's in a class by himself when it comes to sexual harassment and womanizing. 

But, hey, Bill's special. Normal rules of conduct only apply to conservatives. Liberals make up their own rules.

And then there's the "dead broke," dumb blonde's daughter who gets paid big bucks to do almost nothing.

Chelsea Clinton's $600,000-Per-Year Salary at NBC For a Story a Month? An Obvious Political Favor
So Bill and Hillary's bills got paid off by their cronies and Chelsea got a fake job as a political favor. But Hillary wants to pass herself off as just one of the little people. What a poser! What she has little of is character and integrity!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My daughter called me up after hearing this.She was dumbfounded especially after reading some time back the average 250 thou check Bill got for giving a speech post his days in the White House.

People, they figure we are all pretty stupid with very short memories!