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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thad Cochran Hangs on by a Thread in Mississippi

Chris McDaniel may have lost in Mississippi, but in another sense he won. It took Democrats, big money, and faux Republicans like John McCain pitching for him to just barely squeak by. McDaniel is citing "voting irregularities" in Cochran's 6600-vote marginal win. We'll see whether he calls for a recount. Cochran is citing this as a "great victory." Wow! Talk about politician-speak. Jay Leno could have a field day with this!

What the race did do was expose the Republican establishment even further. Cochran's disgraceful plea for Democrats to get out and vote in the REPUBLICAN primary show just how "conservative" these establishment lackeys are -- and how wedded to big-government federalism. Cochran is nicknamed the 'king of pork" because he brings home the federal dollars picked from the pockets of hard-working middle-class Americans whose children and grandchildren will foot the bill.

The media is calling this a defeat for the Tea Party, but it is really a defeat for the Republican party. Can they keep their base when they recruit Democrats to vote for them? How many conservatives will continue to work (and vote) to keep these guys in office? If I were a Republican in Mississippi, I just might sit out the November election. Oh...but wait, you have nowhere else to go and, omigosh!, we have a chance to take back the Senate. Really? And what will those Democrat-lite senators like Thad Cochran do? The same thing the Democrats do only on a slightly smaller scale. They will rubber stamp everything Obama wants. And then they'll put up Jeb Bush as the "moderate" who they say can beat Hillary in November. Some people just can't learn from the past. They are too wedded to their old, worn-out ideas.

Well, I never put my trust in men so I'm not upset. "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and serve according to his purpose." I'm going to Mass and praying in thanksgiving for Chris McDaniel putting up a good fight. He and his family are no doubt blessed not to be going to the Washington, D.C. cesspool.

Oh...and consider November when Cochran faces blue-dog Democrat Trad Childers,who is against abortion and voted against Obamacare. Now, let me think....who would I vote for? Cochran has given us the blueprint by getting Democrats to vote Republican. Turnabout is fair play, I'd say.

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