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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Will It Never End? Homosexuality in the Church

Flaunting gay pride at homosexual parish of St. Francis
Nothing that happens in the Big Apple surprises me. Even the fact that its diseased fruit has apparently infected the Church. How else can one explain the planned closing of dozens of parishes including the only one in the diocese, Holy Innocents, that offers a daily TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) while a notorious homosexual parish remains open. Well, one recalls Cardinal Dolan applauding for the LGBT crowd when he visited for their rededication. (Go here.)  Their flaunting of their "gay" identity is scandalous. The photo shown here depicts the rainbow flag, a sign of LGBT activism and a celebration of homosexual lust. Yes, there is something definitely rotten in the Big Apple and in the Diocese of New York.

But no doubt Cardinal Dolan is probably too busy with the $175 million renovation of St. Patricks with the million dollar bronze doors to worry about the Jesuits enabling sodomy and lust at St. Francis. After all, as the Cardinal said in the video about the renovation, it's all in the tradition of St. Francis who was told by Christ to "rebuild my church." Funny, we thought Jesus was talking about the terrible collapse of the faith, not rebuilding with sticks and mortar. But we can all take comfort that, as the faith in New York City disappears (except for the LGBT Catholics flaunting their "pride"), there will be a beautiful cathedral to remind us of what used to be. 

Yes, sadly the scandals go on. Take a look here. They are still protecting and moving dangerous priests.


DisturbedMary said...

I've heard the real renovation cost is $210 million not $175 million. The Cardinal thinks we are all saps. I've got news for him -- we are New Yorkers and we can see through his clumsy plan: Let the consultants do the dirty work then he signs off on the "terribly painful but inevitable" (my quotes) decisions. Funny that the most likely churches that will close will be those that are sitting on valuable real estate, like Holy Innocents, and are used by a transient commuter crowd. This way he can use those millions to pay the St. Patrick's bill. No surprise that he prefers the gay Church to the traditional one; that he is a big Obama supporter for everything other than the HHS mandate; that he keeps his mouth shut about pro-choice leftist policies that are everyday fare in our City and State. He doesn't want to be on the outside of the bubble with us smelly sheep. And he gives himself a self-righteous pat on the back for his concern for getting illegal immigrants into this country so they can vote more Democrats in and continue the progressive Marxist gravy train that runs right through Catholic Charities country.

Unknown said...

Sad that Cardinal Dolan doesn't even understand the "rebuild my church" message that St. Francis received at San Damiano Church.

Terry Nelson said...

Do you have a link for the photo and the story? I posted on this but would be happy to link to an original story with greater detail.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Here's the SFX page about the celebration, Terry.

And here are some articles that illustrate that this parish celebrates homosexual activity rather than encouraging SSA folks to live according to Church teaching.