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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bob Dole: Pathetic on Many Fronts...

...but this just makes me sick. What an ingrate! Just goes to show that age doesn't necessarily bring wisdom. Between Dole's disgusting erectile dysfunction ads and his pandering he could be the poster boy for the pathetic Republican establishment. As a pro-life supporter, I apologize for Bob Dole's defense of the serial killer abortionist.

Bob Dole: I apologized to abortionist for some of my pro-life supporters’ ‘over the top’ rhetoric

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Unknown said...

Bob Dole was a doddering old fool when he ran for president and he was the reason I quit the Republican Party. If he didn't have a handicap, no one would have ever heard of him. I recall in a 1996 Republican presidental primary debate he stated he was pro life. He was asked by the moderator to describe his pro life position. He stuttered and stammered and then in frustration he blurted out: "I am whatever Pat Buchanan is". He had no concept of the meaning of being pro life. Sadly, he's a dumbbell.