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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is the Name of the Redskins Really the Feds' Business?

Limbaugh Blasts Move Against Redskins Trademark as 'Tyranny'

It’s an Obama World… US Patent Office Cancels Redskins Team’s Trademark

Hey, I'm offended by naming a restaurant Hooters and by the trademark playboy bunny and by Madonna's getting up on a cross. When I go to the beach I'm always offended by the ads for Dirty Dick's Crab House.

Every year I'm offended by the lewd ads on the Super Bowl.

I'm also offended by Miley Cyrus and her twerking.

One of PP's milder offensive ads
And have you seen Planned Parenthood's offensive promotion of porn to kids barely out of the playpen? 

With the Middle East in meltdown, our national debt skyrocketing, unemployment a serious problem, criminal illegal aliens being dumped in states throughout the the name of the Redskins really a top priority of the federal government? Well, I guess in Obama's world of political correctness it is. Liberal politicians always favor form over substance. 

But it sure seems silly to me... although the feds destroying free speech isn't silly at all. It's tyranny!

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