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Friday, June 20, 2014

Tyrant McAuliffe Imitating His Mentor in Washington

Terry McAuliffe thinks he can do whatever he pleases no matter how it violates the Virginia Constitution. He recently signed the budget while stating that he is vetoing certain items with which he disagrees, namely the statement the legislature added to the budget limiting the governor's right to expand Medicaid spending. The provision says "no [Medicaid] general or nongeneral funds shall be appropriated or expended" under Obamacare without a vote by the General Assembly. McAuliffe can't veto a condition unless he also vetoes an appropriation. But there was no appropriation, hence he can't line item veto the condition. A number of legislators have commented on the governor's overreach. He's acting like a monarch exercising the "divine right of kings" treating the General Assembly like no more than an advisory body he can ignore at will.

The Democrats in the General Assembly held the budget hostage for two months and now the governor is basically saying, no matter what the legislature says, he'll do exactly what he wants. Let him know he doesn't have the authority. Note the action items in Bob Marshall's statement below. We need to hold the tyrants in Richmond accountable!

Read Delegate Bob Marshall's statement here.

Read Delegate Rob Bell's statement here.

Senator Mark Obenshain has this to say about the governor's unconstitutional arrogance.

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