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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Latest on Justina: Keep Praying

Justina Spends Father's Day with her Family

Keep praying that this family will be reunited soon. St. Joseph, guardian of the family, please intercede for Justina and her family. 

Pray for Judge Joseph Johnston who facilitated this outrage. I hope the family's lawsuit for unlawful imprisonment is successful. Pray for that too. 

Consider that this child had several years of her life stolen. She was denied schooling (Isn't DCF guilty for that alone?) She was denied medical treatment and went from walking and ice skating to be wheelchair bound. She was denied the right to attend religious services or have the comfort of her pastor visit. She was denied visits from her family except for one hour a week and even that was often cancelled and totally supervised. The parents were unlawfully gagged and it was only when they defied the court that the public learned of this outrage. 

What happened in this case is so illegal and such a violation of this child's constitutional rights that it is mind boggling! Pray for its end. It's long overdue. And pray for justice for this family. The only way to prevent such things in the future is to hold the guilty parties accountable. 

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