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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nancy Pelosi Needs a Brain Transplant!

Nancy scolds her bishop for showing "disdain and hate" for homosexuals by supporting traditional marriage.

Archbishop Cordileone responds.

Archbishop Cordileone has made it clear, Nancy must not receive Communion for her own sake.

Nancy Pelosi would be funny if she weren't so pathetic. Who hates homosexuals?

Those who would tickle their ears and lead them down the path to hell?

Or those who tell them the truth -- that living the "gay" lifestyle is a body and soul killer?

Nancy has nothing but disdain for homosexuals believing they are too lust driven to exercise self control or make morally responsible decisions. And she hates them enough to eagerly enable behavior that can sentence them to an eternity of hell. Is that love or respect? No way!

And, those who scandalize and lead others into sin by their actions jeopardize their own souls. Nancy is in great danger! Pray for her. I have to say that she spouts so many unbelievably stupid things that one wonders if she bears diminished responsibility because of dementia. Let's pray Jesus' prayer for her. "Father, forgive her, she doesn't know what she is doing." Please bring her back to the heart of the Church. Cardinal Sheen, you need another miracle. Please pray for her conversion.

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