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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Putting Jesus Front and Center Where He Belongs!

Thank you, Bishop Paprocki!

Bishop Paprocki: I Direct the Eucharist be Placed in the Center of the Sanctuary


Chudah said...

This is wonderful news.

My parish has had the tabernacle off to the side the last 10 years, which I never liked. However, the first thing our new pastor did was move it to the center of the altar, just in time for Christmas. It was such a beautiful thing to once again witness our Lord in His rightful place. Confessions have been up and a 6:00 PM mass has been added to the Sunday schedule (the latest in our area) to encourage everyone to attend. I thank God for gifting us with this wonderful pastor.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Such good news, Chudah. What's your diocese and the name of the church in case we're ever in your area?

Chudah said...

It's St. Matthew Catholic Church in Glendale Heights, IL. We are in the Joliet Diocese. :)