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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If You're a Liberal, It's Time for a Twelve Step Program

How Liberals Miss the Mark by Robert Knight

I read this article first thing and gave my day a lift. There's hope for liberals to become recovering liberals just like Robert Knight did. And you women out there need to read these paragraphs from the article:
In my formative years I also noticed that many leftist men, who supposedly bought into feminism, treated women badly. Their idea of being a gentleman was making sure someone — preferably not them — paid for the girl’s abortion while they scored a bag of weed. 
One guy, a pacifist, told me in front of his girlfriend that there was nothing worth fighting for — period. “I simply will not add to world conflict,” he said, puffing up his scrawny chest. I asked, “what if someone attacked your girlfriend?” She suddenly got very interested. 
“I wouldn’t fight,” he answered smugly. Glancing at his wide-eyed companion, I upped the ante, asking if, with one non-lethal punch, he could save her, would he? “Nope,” he said, folding his arms. I don’t think he got lucky that night, if you know what I mean, which is just as well. I’m pretty sure they weren’t married.
Real men are getting pretty scarce and I suspect they are especially scarce among liberals. Look at their backgrounds. Measure the worth of Admiral Jeremiah Denton who spent years in the "Hanoi Hilton" being tortured vs. Bill Clinton who loathed the military and did everything he could to avoid the draft. As a wife and mother I know whom I'd rather have at my side in a dangerous situation. It sure isn't the groper/rapist who IS the dangerous situation.

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