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Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's Dump Another Establishment Republican

Chris McDaniel has a real chance to beat Thad Cochran in Mississippi. He's pro-life, defends traditional marriage, and is a fiscal conservative.

You can check out his position on issues here.

Help change the face of the U.S. Senate and get rid of Harry Reid as majority leader.

I just sent his campaign a donation. You can join me by going here!

Let's send another true conservative to the Senate and get rid of Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

Isn't it time to put the "conserve" back into the Republican Party? We need to conserve the principles on which this country was founded: faith in God, patriotism, respect for the rights of others, liberty, hard work, love of family, etc. Supporting good candidates wherever they are is one of the most important things we can do to try to get this country back on track. Above all, pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint all godly candidates and inspire many to assist them in their efforts to take back our government!

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