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Monday, June 9, 2014

How Much Do You Know About Planned Parenthood?

Have you ever visited the Planned Parenthood page on this blog? If you think PP is a benign organization that cares about women's health and really wants to improve women's lives, you need to read the articles. PP was founded by a selfish, anti-religion, elitist white woman who wanted to limit the "human weeds" in society. That included minorities, the poor, Catholics, "the feebleminded," and anyone who happened to disagree with her diabolical outlook on life. Click on the PP page and just check out the headlines. And then think of how your tax dollars help pay for Cecile Richards $500,000 annual salary. She claims no federal money goes to pay her salary, but that's ridiculous. Without the millions pouring into PP's coffers and the special treatment from the Obama administration, PP wouldn't have the millions to feed their greedy executives.

What sacrifices do you have to make in your family so Cecile and company can live high on the hog murdering babies in the womb and corrupting the ones who manage to survive? PP's initials don't just stand for "planned parenthood," or planned non-parenthood which is more accurate. PP stands for perversion in the playpen, pornography peddling, and pederasty pandering among other things.

Visit Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) and consider how you can poke a stick in the spokes of PP's juggernaut. They need to be stopped!

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