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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another "Catholic" Hypocrite for Obama

Sometimes I run across things while I'm looking for something else. That's the case for today when I happened on Nicholas Cafardi's article on which presidential candidate is really pro-life. He insulted pro-lifers with a laughable accusation that they set themselves up as a "parallel magisterium." This is a classic example of deflecting a truth about yourself by trying to attach it to your opponent. If any group functions as a "parallel magisterium" it is modernist Catholics who support Obama.

Cafardi also put the typical liberal spin on abortion true believers who never, ever in a million years would even think about being pro-abortion. Perish the thought! No one favors abortion; they are pro-choice. In fact they just want to make abortion safe, legal, and rare. That it just happens to be more and more available and that opponents are forced to pay for it with their taxes is just accidental. Right!

Any time I read a statement like Cafardi's "I don't know anyone who is pro-abortion," my internal alarm starts jangling. That is the first thing out of the abortion die-hard's mouth.

Well, this got me curious about the man so I googled Cafardi and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. His article came up on their site although he is not on any of their boards. But a little more research and voila! (If I had seen Cafardi's article on the National Catholic Reporter website where it apparently originated, that would have been a dead giveaway.) 

Cafardi is actually an old story. He endorsed Obama in 2008 and resigned from his teaching post at Franciscan University of Steubenville. And now, like Doug Kmiec in 2008, Cafardi is a leading Catholic trumpet for Obama as a national co-chair of "Catholics for Obama." He is just one more Catholic Judas carrying water for the champion of child-killing in the White House. If you see his name on anything, be forewarned. He speaks with a forked tongue and lies with a straight face. How else can one interpret his statement that, unlike Romney, "Obama does not financially profit from the abortion industry." What a yuck! Planned Parenthood recently launched a $1.4 million ad buy slamming Romney.   Can anyone believe that isn't a blatant political gift in kind to candidate Obama? Please, Professor Cafardi, don't take us for fools.

And, by the way, whatever happened to Doug Kmiec, big 2008 proponent of the liberal messiah? You remember Kmiec, the Catholic university professor who was rewarded with ambassadorship to Malta for bringing Obama the Catholic vote. You may recall also that he resigned as ambassador amidst criticism from Hillary Clinton that he spent too much time speaking and writing about his religious beliefs. Being Catholic to bring voters to the Obama table is one thing, but...well...too much of a good thing and all know even for a Catholic country like Malta.

Well, back in February Kmiec said he might not be able to support Obama this time around because of the president's attack on religion and the contraceptive mandate. He's been pretty much silent since then as far as I can tell, like a jilted lover pining in the dark. Perhaps he's had the same type of awakening as as Colonel Nicholson in Bridge Over the River Kwai. Please pray for him. I am...and for Professor Cafardi as well.


  1. Isn't the Carfadi piece a hoot?

    My favorite part was the conspiracy theory about Mittens funding the massacres of Archbishop Romero and the Salvadorians.

    In terms of Doug Kmeic - have you read this: