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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homosexual Infiltrators in the Church Include this "Gay" Priest

When will Fr. Bob Pierson, heretic priest, be disciplined by his superiors? Seeing who supports him exposes other enemies of the Catholic Church. For example, who posted his scandalous talk on the America website? None other than Fr. James Martin another disgrace to the roman collar. Fr. Martin says many "gay" priests obey their vow of celibacy. He's absolutely right because celibacy refers to giving up the right to marry a woman. But homosexuals aren't interested in marrying women. So obviously the celibacy vow is meaningless for a homosexual.

Bob Pierson is a member of the scandalous Collegeville Benedictines at St. John's University. Pro-life hero Fr. Paul Marx left the monastery to found Human Life International and it was to this order that the poor man was recalled near the end of his life. In obedience he returned to what must have been Purgatory on earth. The gay cabal at Collegeville is no secret. See Behind the Pine Curtain for the horror story of homosexual abuse by the monks of St. John's. These are the false shepherds Ezekiel warned against and there are plenty around. That Fr. Bob Pierson is allowed to publicly scandalize (his talk has gone viral on the internet) is shameful. May God remove his superiors and save the poor flock exposed to his evil hiding behind "conscience."  Here's how Fr. John Hardon defines a "false conscience:"
The judgment of the mind when it wrongly decides that something is lawful but that in fact is unlawful, or vice versa. The error may be due to the false principles used or because the mind was darkened or confused in its reasoning process.
Does Fr. Pierson really believe what he's saying or is he just using "conscience talk" to justify his evil union with the dissenter in chief who shook his fist at God and said, "I will not serve?" Here's another bit of wisdom from Fr. Hardon:
The readiness of a Catholic to listen to the Church is a safe index of his good will, as the opposite gives grounds for suspicion of insincerity.
Fr. Pierson knows better than the Church and better than God. His conscience told him so. I wonder what he thinks of the hundreds of acts of sex abuse at St. John's among his fellow monks. No doubt they were acting according to their consciences as well.  God save us from these false shepherds!

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