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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lewd Liberals: Do You Identify with these Folks?

Wow! These folks need to grow up, especially the "code pink" babes. Calling them adolescent insults adolescents. I especially had to laugh at the woman who answered the question about why women would vote Republican -- "because their husbands tell them to." Of course, no conservative woman could possibly think for herself. Get a reality check!

But I'm all for "code pink." Give them as much exposure as possible. It shows the idiocy of liberal women whose entire argument is to dress up like vaginas and shout, "vagina, vagina, vagina!" (Doesn't that remind you of Elliot in E.T. calling his brother "penis breath?" Shows the intellect of an 8-year-old.) They illustrate in spades that intelligence is not required to be a liberal. In fact, it appears to be a liability. Just use lewd language and lewd insults (like calling the tea party folks "teabaggers") to make your non-point.

Hmmm...whatever happened to Obama's famous call for civility? The folks are as nasty as can be, like the guy who would be glad to see Mitt Romney dead. Wow! Why would anyone want to be connected to these people?

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  1. These people do not have any class whatsoever. I am a woman, and they do not speak for me nor for many of my women friends. Why don't they just tell the truth and say somethings such as, "We want," not, "Women want," because that just makes them liars. They do not speak for many of the early suffragettes either as many of the early feminists, such as Susan B. Anthony, were againt abortion. Perhaps all of them were against abortion. I do not know.