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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama and the Born Alive Act

Defending abortion is central to Obama even if it means abandoning children born alive after abortion. In the discussion of the Illinois bill below, Senator Obama wants the abortionists to have carte blanche with regard to babies who survive abortion. This despite testimony by nurses of babies being born alive and left to die. Nurses Jill Stanek and Allison Baker described their experiences of living aborted babies routinely being neglected at Christ Hospital in Chicago. That's been the case since the early days. In 1974 Dr. David Edelman aborted a baby by hysterotomy and deliberately put the placenta over the baby's face to smother the child to ensure a dead baby. Abortionists want dead babies -- that's what they're paid to produce. A live baby is a complication. And Obama is a great enabler of child killing as he was when he was a state senator in Illinois. He continues to be the cheerleader in chief for child killing. Things haven't changed since his days in Illinois.


  1. This is sad.I noticed how Obama slowed his speech, trying to pick the right terminology, trying to avoid the use of baby and abortion is always referred to as a "procedure." Sickening.

  2. This man is so sickening in more ways than one, not only on abortion. He cannot even tell homosexuals that their behavior is unhealthy and not natural, whether they are so-called "married" or not. They call him smart? No wonder he did not show his college records. He could not even pass simple, decent biology, unless it was twisted, but of course it is because HE TWISTS IT to justify the killing of a child. And I thought Bill Clinton was bad enough, but this man is ever so much worse. Now an untreatable Gonorrhea has popped up. Can you imagine what that can do to our military with the lack of discipline he has introduced? Where or where did the Democrats every find this man? Perhpas he is God's punishment on a nation who has turned away from the God of the Bible. And the atheist George Soros just keeps pulling his puppet strings. He denies what a three-year old can see when shown an aborted baby as was related in the book, "Who broke the baby?", when a child came upon his mother's pictures of an abortion.