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Friday, August 31, 2012

What Planet Does This Lady Come From?

I think Debbie Wasserrman Schultz is really an alien. She certainly can't be as stupid as she appears to be. And what an insult to the conservative women who appeared at the convention. But Democrats think because they say something, it's true no matter how ridiculous or factually wrong. As for "shiny packages," aren't Republicans fortunate to have so many lovely women who aren't afraid to be feminie?


  1. well, she's Jewish, what do you expect? They simply can't be expected to have Christian values or see things our way. I mean this is precisely what is wrong with the Demokrat party--they have abandoned our Christian principles in favor of socialistic ideas because of Jewish/liberal/atheistic influence

  2. Liberals live inside their own unreality bubble. It is sustained by the mantras. They utter them and it is as if a jinn utters "Make it so" and blows up the bubble. Then they act insulted and outraged it someone pops the bubble with a fact and they respond with name calling.

    It is bizarre behavior, but I've witnessed it for a long time. Perhaps it is a low level of possession. It is certainly delusional.

  3. So she is another "spoiled Jewish princess" (not that all Jewish women are spoiled), who is jealous of any other woman who "makes it to the top", especially if they have done it without killing any of their children in an abortion. My youngest brother is living with such a "spoiled Jewish princess". She is so "loving" that she would never have any of his children or change her last name by marrying him. Of course he was the "spoiled" youngest child and never baptized. The two make a good "spoiled" pair.

  4. Regarding my last post, one time I was complaining about a certain homosexual photogrpaher, who had taken such pictures as one of a little girl with one leg on a chair will no panties, to my brother's "Jewish" live in lover, and you won't believe what she said to me. She replied, "Well children are sexual, too. I was just flabbergasted. There are devout Jews, and then there are others like her who have no sense of morality at all. The same goes for some "Christians". I think the name of the photographer or artist was Maplethorpe.