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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tyrants in the GOP!

Romney Executes Republican Party Power Grab

And did you hear about what happened to Virginia's sixth district delegates? A "lost bus" prevented them from voting against the rules change that transfers power from state grassroots Republicans to 100 members of the Republican National Committee? An RNC bus driver drove delegates in circles long enough to prevent them getting to the convention to vote which may have altered the outcome. Was it just a coincedence? Did the driver really not know where he was going? It was pretty convenient to facilitate the power grab. 

Matt Durbin, an attorney and delegate from Washington State and a Ron Paul supporter, has been fighting corruption and dirty tricks in the GOP for years. Here's what he has to say about what's happening:
“Those of us who have been working in the trenches over the past 6 years know firsthand the cheating, rules violations, deceptions and bully tactics used to silence our voices. Today the whole world saw them for themselves. The insider establishment would like nothing better than for us to give up and walk away. They still think they can win without us…But we are not going away, and our numbers are going to swell with grassroots conservatives who see what their leadership is doing to this party and to their voices…This is about ideas and values.”
If “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is an acceptable way to govern the nation, should we not maintain this principle within our own party?
Yup, the GOP stinks. The only think that stinks worse is the Democrat party.  Better not put your trust in politics and politicians! But that doesn't mean you should abandon the fight. If moral people refuse to be involved in politics the political mafia have no opposition. Join a local tea party and fight for morality and integrity in the process. And don't forget to pray that the Lord raises up civic leaders after His own heart. Because when leaders are bad they destroy "the city" and we certainly have plenty of evidence of that, don't we?

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