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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Thumbs Up for the Catholic Bishops of Kenya

"Out of Africa...."

From Catholic World News - Kenya's bishops decry international push for contraception:

The bishops of Kenya have decried renewed international efforts to promote contraception in Africa.
Contraception, the bishops write, “is both dehumanizing and goes against the teaching of the Church, especially in a country like Kenya where a majority of the people are Christians and God fearing. It already threatens the moral fabric of the society and is an insult to the dignity and integrity of the human person.”...  
We the Catholic bishops in Kenya warn all Kenyans and the government that any development which does not protect the human person is meaningless and in vain. What is the use of development without all people and visions without values? Any development must be for the common good of people, as their security and protection.... 
It is not clear why such a large amount of money (Ksh 356 billion) is being used for contraceptives while many women are dying daily due to lack of proper medical care, food and housing.  Read more....
My one disagreement with the bishops is their statement that "It is not clear...."  Oh, it's clear all right. The white elitists of the first world have always been happy to contracept and abort people of color out of existence. That's why instead of providing clean water and basic medicines to control malaria, infection, and diarrhea they fill clinic shelves with condoms, pills, and hand-operated suction machines for abortion. Billionaire Ted Turner can't reach his ideal population of 250-300 million (a 95% reduction in world population) without targeting most of the third world.

Thank God for Kenya's Catholic bishops. Can we arrange a transfusion of their courage to our own silent bishops? When has the USCCB clearly articulated the evil of contraception? Consider the impact if all the bishops in the U.S. made a united statement, not about the mandate, but about contraception itself. Many of the evils we face today are directly related to contraception, the separation of the two purposes of marital love, unity and children. If married couples can turn pleasure into an idol of false unity, why can't everybody else? Contraception is a core evil that must be exposed and universally condemned as it was up until the 1930's Anglican Lambeth Conference. Protestants need to study their own history which show a universal rejection of contraception until the Anglicans became the first domino to fall.

When Protestants re-embrace their heritage of respect for marital love, we will be well on the way to the unity Jesus prayed for at the Last Supper. Mary, lily of purity, pray for us.

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