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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pray for Lisa Miller and her Little Girl, Isabella

I followed the Lisa Miller story until she disappeared a few years ago. Do you remember it? Lisa was in the lesbian lifestyle and was artificially inseminated to have a child, Isabella, "with her lover." Of course that's a biological impossibility (or used to be until the Dr. Frankensteins started usurping God's business). Lisa repented from the lesbian life, left her partner, and embraced Christianity. But a Vermont court in an insane decision gave custody to the unrelated lesbian who was sexually abusing the child during usupervised visitations. So Lisa fled the country with her daughter when Isabella was six. If I knew Lisa Miller I would have done anything to prevent her little girl being returned to the lesbian. I would have helped her flee the country as well. Pray for this mom and pray they never find her and Isabella. And do everything you can to fight "gay" adoption. Children deserve better.

Who's the Real Kidnapper?

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