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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dirty Tricks: Business as Usual for Obama's Campaign

Obama backers won't pull "disgusting" ad

I was amazed to see Obama claiming in an ad that Romney would increase the deficit. Here's a man who in three years increased it by 50% ($5 TRILLION) attacking Romney on that issue. I immediately thought of Goebbels propaganda machine where the bigger the lie the more effective.

But to lay at Romney's feet the blood of a woman who died from cancer who was diagnosed 5 YEARS LATER....please. How low can you go? If you want to know who should be blamed for the explosion in cancer deaths among women look straight at the abortion/contraceptive industry pushing abortion and artificial hormones. Healthy women make themselves sick so they can always be available for sex without "complications", i.e. babies. Obama's intimate relationship with Planned Parenthood is well known! Even late-term abortion and infanticide by neglect are A-okay in his immoral philosophy.

But I digress. Check out the two ads and fight back with the truth. Obama's positions make women little more than recyclable sex objects. As for Obama's claim to have a plan to reduce the deficit...have you stopped laughing yet?


  1. As this goes on I become more and more amazed at the fact that the news media keeps acting as an enabler. The sheer volume of lies has exceeded anything in my memory even from those in the past that I thought were chronic liars like Lyndon Johnson.

    The comparison with Goebbels strikes me as appropriate. Obama's recent call for the GM-like takeover of all manufacturing is a call for Fascism pure and simple.

    Another term for this abomination will likely destroy the United States and that's what he's trying to do see Cloward-Piven strategy That is an application of Saul Alinsky tactics to destabilize the United States and create social unrest to allow the imposition of a socialist restructuring of America ... that "fundamental transformation" that Barack Obama is pursuing.

  2. This guy really puts a face on bullspit.