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Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm with Mike Voris. Bill Donohue is Ridiculous!

I quit supporting the Catholic League long ago. Bill Donohue is embarrassing. I watched him once "debating' (or should I say berating) a pro-abort woman, perhaps Molly Yard, I don't really remember. But as he ranted and raved and interrupted her over and over I was embarrassed for him and thought what a horrible display it was. All I could think was how dumb he was not to send along the prettiest young pro-life woman he knew to confront the old, tired feminist. But Donohue seems to love the limelight as much as he dislikes the "piety police." 

Well, here he goes again on the attack, this time against good and faithful Catholics who are sick of betrayal as Voris so eloquently points out. Donohue deserves the criticism. There is absolutely no excuse for what Cardinal Dolan has done by inviting Obama to the Al Smith Dinner. It's shameful, and Donohue, with all his schmoozing with bishops, illustrates Mike's point about the Catholic elite vs. the Catholic peasants who don't have a seat at the table. Many bishops don't seem to care two hoots about the devastation to the faith on their watch. God forgive them. Pray for the bishops and, while your at it, say one for Bill Donohue. Pray he retires.


  1. I put Voris's piece up on Political Brambles too HERE I think the tailend of the piece is particularly telling. It points out what a failure the bishops have been as shepherds. The bishop's crook is supposed to mean something, but the reality is that the bishops are too interested in their perks to do their jobs. Voris is "right on" with his characterization of the rest of us faithful Catholic as "peasant Catholics" separated from the trendy and prideful establishment elite that call the bishops and cardinals and are actually listened to while the Catholics in the pews are ignored and belittled often enough.

    Kudos to Michael Voris for a hard-hitting piece that tells it like it is.

  2. I with you. I used to like Bill Donohue. He is a loud mouth sell out. We need more people like Mike Voris.


  3. Wow, just when I thought Michael Voris' proverbial "15 minutes of fame" has come and gone...


    Another one goes out of the park.

    Well done, and well said Michael and ChurchhMilitantTV.


  4. WOW!!!...Michael Voris just keeps getting better and better! God bless him!